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The Seer Episode 2

He held me tight on the face. ” Can I trust you to keep quiet? “, I nodded slightly, ” If you think being such a scared woman will help, well it won’t ! “. My heart was thumping, I thought he heard it but he probably ignored it. ” Wear this Talisman, it will protect you for the time being. Now go and hide in the cupboard or something! “. He was really freaking me now, I hid in the cupboard as told, ” You know what? This is all probably a dream and you’re just a vision of my mind. “. The window swooped open. Where was that guy? I thought, HE’S LYING IN MY BED!!! He hid under the blanket like a maniac! From that window came in a ghost in a dark hood. ” I’m sure this is where that girl lives, maybe it’s my GPS  system broke down on the way. I should still check if for sure there is nothing in here. ” The ‘ghost’ started checking my room, then he went to my bed I knew that freaky guy was up to something…

” Oh no, it just had to be this guy. “, I think he knows this freaky guy. He jumped out of the bed and held his knife up to him. ” This ends here, your master Old Zalgo won’t be looking for her now! He he, you know, we have our jobs as well, so you know how it’s going to end… ” He held out his knife and- I didn’t dare to look. ” All done, nothing to worry about, it was just one of Zalgo’s filthy servants. “.

” Who’s Zalgo? “, I asked,

” Sorry girl, I have no time to explain, gotta get back to my base or my boss will seriously beat me up! “.

I’m afraid that’s a little too late for that… “