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A story about a poppy

It was a lovely sunny day  my friends and I were playing in the park . My friend John found a red flower he had no idea what it was. He called us over to have a look it was a poppy. I told him they grew in world war 1. “Now I remember” he said. I told him In two day It would be 100 years since world war 1. Really he said I never knew that.  ” wow I can’t wait for it to be Friday  it will be great.  We all went to Luke’s house.  Luke said his mums dad was in world war 1 ” wow” we all said.

100WC week#11

It was the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. There are still two minutes left of complete silence and the last post is nearly finished. All of a sudden a poppy had fallen. Then another fell, then they all fell. Next I heared an evil cackle. From each poppy a ghost had emerged to live once more. The weapons they died with risen to be handled by ghosts. Bang!!! The ghosts began shooting people to the end of their lives. Inches behind me people were dropping like flies. Scared, worried, terrified I thought to myself will I escape alive?