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100WC #week19

“I walked slowly around the dark, cold area. I needed to clear my mind after what happened a few hours ago. They thought I was crazy, but deep inside I knew I was right. I swear I saw Him. No myth; no lie. Anyway, I heard deep breathing in the distance. I looked around. Nothing. Just the plain emptiness of nothing. Then, something grabbed me, and pulled me back. I hit my head off the cold, hard floor. I passed out and when I woke up I found my self in a room with only a chair…and that’s when, I went through the changing,” admitted Akihiro, with a surprised look an his face.


It was the week before the night. The night that was going to be remembered for years. Many people begged for an invitation, but begging would just make getting invited worse. As Ella, who is my best friend and the birthday girl, chose me to be her best girl, it was my responsibility to make sure that the people she didn’t want to be invited didn’t get an invitation. It was finally the day of the party. There was a chocolate fountain, balloons and pictures of her everywhere. As she went out, a car came out of nowhere. It was certainly an unforgettable night.