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100wc #week15

When you hear the Christmas carols; when you see a Christmas tree in the living room; when you hear laughing outside your house, then you know it’s Christmas day. As I rushed downstairs to see my present, I heard my mom say to me, ” Happy holidays and a Joyful celebration.” Scared, frightened, nervous, I knew something strange happened after my mum was reacting. I went downstairs to see what happened. But after I did, I nearly had a heart attack. I opened my red present and I saw something. But you wouldn’t believe what was in it? It was a ………….


I’ve been waiting for this moment for years, well only a year, it’s going to be my birthday. Tomorrow when I wake up, I’m going to have a bunch of presents on the table waiting for me to open them you’ll just wait and see. “It’s time , it’s my birthday!” I exclaimed, waking the whole house from their luxury sleep. As I entered the living room, I saw a strange red box sitting on the table. I was nervous as I opened the box, but I tried keeping all hopes up that I got something special. Suddenly, my dad came in and began the celebration  of my birth.

100wc week#15

Today was the Christmas celebration. I opened my presents first thing in the morning, but instead of seeing the object I desired the most, I saw a strange red glove. I tried it on and it felt like a cloud was on my hand, even though I have never felt a cloud before. My hand started sweating – it was stuck to my hand – so I tried to take it off. I started getting nervous. I didn’t feel that soft feeling on my hand that I had before. The glove strangled my hand and my arm, because I could see the color purple starting to flow across my entire arm. I opened my eyes. It was just a dream … for now.