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week#13 The Nightmare Before the Special Showcase

Weeks after people created staggering prisons with extreme maximum guards for pedestrians,  there was always one mysterious person who sealed his secret to freedom. Excited, joyed, energized, Roxie wandered through the eerie, endless forest with one friend of her’s Kate. Skipping joyfully, Roxie didn’t realise that it became unilluminated, yet she continued. While Roxie was singing, she started dancing, but as the leaves rustled, Kate galloped away. Leaving her best friend behind, Roxie thought some enjoyable things to get her mind off. Like if a ‘dragon’ is going to get me, or a ‘vampire’. Will some myths actually catch Roxie?


It was years since I last saw it. Lying there without help, made me think what went wrong that day of the shipwreck. I forgot everything after it happened, I lost everyone. My mind just refreshes whenever I see that ship, I remember all my friends, all my companions. It kills me whenever I think of them, it kills me whenever I remember them. They were all I had after I got separated from my family. Although they were my friends, they were like my family. I remember them everyday and I will remember them for the rest of my life.

100WC#Week 13

It was night. I was having a sleep over at my friends house, but it felt unusual and uncomfortable. When no one is talking; when we just sit there like a piece of paper; when someone tries to make conversation but it doesn’t work, then you know the rest of the sleep over isn’t going to go well at all. As morning approached us, we woke up from our `luxurious` sleep, which was actually the worst sleep I’ve had in years. We all looked out of the window, but as the leaves rustled a cute adorable pug came out of the bushes. “Happy birthday Betty!”

week13 100wc

As I went through the scary, dark forest I saw birds singing and wolves howling. Wait a second. WOLVES! I ran like lightning to outrun the wolves but they were quicker than me. Running, crazily I outran them finally but as the leaves rustled it was quiet. Too quiet. Then i saw them. Suddenly they howled, to call backup, incase I escaped. Then I ran for my life because if I was going to just stand there Im going to die quickly. Crying, happily I entered my home and i tryed to forget about everything. But will this happen again tomorrow?