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He was shocked to find that all of the animals have escaped from the night zoo. Of the blink of an eye, the lord of the Nulth started seeing trees and all kind of nature around him. The rivers were flowing like waterfalls. His face was a flaming chilli when he saw that his evil minions (the spiders) turned into tiny fluffy balls of fur. Lord of the Nulth was not best pleased, so he gave up on everything he ever wished for. After a long time, he was ready to take revenge for what they done. As he took revenge, everything was back to normal.


He was shocked to find a to find a gorgeous golden cat which lay sweetly on the floor. “Get him away from me now, he demanded!”
“Yes sir!” Nervous, furious, scared, Lord Nulth demanded this to his robots.”Do what you want with him! He’s useless to me.” As they took him down the steep stairs the monkeys decided to kill him. After that one of the monkeys dropped the sack and the cat escaped. All off a sudden they saw how the cat jumped out of the window and the monkeys lost their vision of him yet the cat survived and who knows what he did?