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100wc #week11

The war started. My training was excellent my general said. I grabbed my rifle and started hunting down my enemy’s. Running quickly, I raced through my enemy’s to find my trench. Suddenly I felt a shiver on my neck. I could remember my mother saying, “Be careful, I love you.” Suddenly I rapidly ran through the battle field shooting my opponents. The tears fell from my cheek onto the battle field and suddenly there was dead silence. We started putting our guns down on the floor. They said we all can return home. It might have just been the beginning?

100WC #week10

It was another lousy day at work. I work at ChicksChicken, the number one place to go to if you want to become obese. It’s the same usual work routine: wake, work, eat, sleep and repeat. The worst part is that the world most annoying person is my manger: Chris

”You need to go help Tom and David kill the chicken” Chris tells me. But before I could disagree Chris pushed me into the room of blood. I saw a fluffy chicken, as it shivered, they used a cleaver to chop it. Great, now I have to do that for the whole day.

100wc #week 10

It was dark. Checking fastidiously, Tom was doing his homework in detention, although the teacher had shuffled out of the room hours ago. Puzzled, bewildered, confused, Tom crashed into a wall with his homework. Then he walked to bathroom and saw the teacher and it behind him. They walked towards it as it shivered,they started to back away from it. They may have evacuated the school, but they were nowhere close to defeating that monstrosity. Although Tom had outwitted the beast, because he set mines all over the school so as soon as it steps on one BOOM the schools in flames.


It was night , Sandra was having a sleep over with her friends , as it was her sixteenth birthday the next day . It was morning , everyone was excited for the party , which was taking place in a reserved building , of a life time . It was time . Sandra and her friends arrived at the building . As they entered the room , Sandra saw all her other friends and family . As time went by , the party finished , but she had just enough time to open her last present   . As it shivered , they crowded over the little baby pug . Suddenly , beside the dog was a lamberguini .