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100wc 17# Amelia Carmel

I don’t tell this story to many people.

People don’t  believe me.

Amelia and Crystal , who were best friends, wandered through the stunning forest. Swiftly, Amelia was rushing,  not stopping -was she late? – even in a emergency? They arrived on an appealing hill, watching  the sunrise beam with colours in the sky. The light was SO bright,as she looked at the sunrise, she saw flashy colours connecting to her eyes. Crystal’s ( the dog) wagged her tail as she glanced at the light. Amelia invited people to see the phenomenal light. Once the people got up the hill, the light was gone.

Where did it go?



Alana sighed. She was on her own at the dinner table. Luckily Alana wasn’t left eating alone, as her best friend Meena came to join her. “What do you think about The Ballroom Bonanza?” squeaked Meena. The Ballroom Bonanza was a country dance competition.Their dance teacher explained about it the night before.”I’d love to take part!” replied Alana. After school Alana headed to the dressmaker shop to see if she could wear it it for the competition. She fell in love with the dress. The dress was a delicate yellow, a neckline with sparkling beads the light was SO bright. The light of the dress.

…The light was SO bright…

It was night. James lived in a house next to a forest. Then one night he went. Despite the spookiness, he carried on in the dark forest. James was scared, but continued on in the windy, dark forest still. Although trees was in his way he still saw a house, it was his house. He tried to get home, but before he reached it he got banged on his own head, by a robot, when he just looked, then fell asleep. Once Jame woke he saw the sun, the light, OH, the light was SO bright, it was like a desert. When James arrived home his parents were pleased to see him, because they didn’t see him in bed last night.