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Angel Z

Chapter 4

I couldn’t sleep. Was it the secret? I thought about the skull. It was the symbol. The symbol of Angel Z. He was back.

When morning came, I went to the park to meet Ryan (he’s usually there at about 6am to 8am everyday). I told him confidently, but after seeing his face. I wish I didn’t. ”Angel Z? He cant be back! We destroyed him last time. You don’t have any proof.” Ryan said impatiently. I didn’t answer back. I took time to look into my pockets and find the skull. I knew he would say that.

I showed him the skull and dropped it into his hand. He stood in shock. ”We need to find him. We need to find him quickly. If we don’t, he’ll know the secret and we’ll be one of his slaves.” I said in a serious manner. I rubbed the skull fastidiously. It was time. He came back.

Angel Z

 Chapter 2

Some really freaky things have been going on so I decided to go and meet my best friend, Ryan. I recognized his shirt and ran to him so I could tell him what has been happening to me. After a couple of minutes of me explaining, he stopped me and told me exactly the same thing has been happening to him! We thought what it could be, but then, I thought of the most smartest yet unbelievable idea. I opened my mouth to tell him what it could be, but nothing came out. It was getting dark so I went home. I sat on my bed and thought hard. Enough to make my brain explode. It could be the secret.