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100WC #12-The Night Zoo Keeper

He was shocked to find the most colourful and imaginative creature that could’ve ever existed. It had beautiful wings covered with metallic rainbow colours and a giant horn covering it’s forehead. The creature extended itself until it reached the balcony of the deep, eerie basement. “My name is Rainbow, king of the fairys, not just a, THING!” the creature stated. Rainbow shortened himself and stood up on the balcony. His chest shimmered, despite the darkness in the gloomy basement. Suddenly, he dived down lugging Lord of Nulth’ with his fist. The ‘Lord‘ disintegrated and his army crumbled. Everything returned to normal.

100WC #Week12

He was shocked to find a ugly, horrifying looking creature. “No, it can’t be, ” he exclaimed. The mysterious monster scrunched up into a tiny ball looking  like a hedgehog. “Who are you and what have you come for, ” Lord Nulth shouted aggressively. There was no response. “You have failed me,” Lord Nulth spoke to his guards ferociously. The guards looked down at the floor not daring to move a muscle. Despite the fact that the Lord Nulth was failed by his guards, he did not kill them. Slowly, the creature started to rise up. His eyes were ready to kill…

The night zoo keeper

As the lord of Nulth opened the bag a human jumped out and punched the lord in the face. After the lord of Nulth told his robotic guards to get the human. Running swiftly, the human was running his fastest from lord of Nulth’s spiders, bunnies, and many more. Then the human was cornered by the animals and the lord of Nulth.

“Let my animals free,”  said the human.                                                                                                        “The night zoo keeper, how nice to see you,” said the lord of Nulth, “Kill him!”
Leaping anxiously,the night zoo keeper was scared he was going to leap into one of the creatures mouths and get poisoned, and die. Then, he was falling into one of there mouths, until someone called the morning zoo keeper dived to save him. But then a spider bit him and he died. But then the night zoo keeper went to avenge him, but with a good try. At the end it was the lord of Nulth with his next predators the royal family. But he will then leave the world in peace, and let them have love. He will have his own zoo then somewhere. But I do not know where.