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Week#17 100WC

”Don’t give on me, Mcgrath!” were the last words I heard.

I found myself in a room. Mysterious. I somehow saw a door (the whole room was plain white). I opened the door: the light was SO bright! I felt the wind trying to pull me up. I was falling. It felt like I was falling forever…

”Mcgrath!” I heard in the distance, as if the wind was speaking. ”Mcgrath!” I was now in a dark and empty room, with only myself and the chair there. Something was attached to my head, it looked like a silvery bowl with wires sticking out. I felt a little zap. ”Your power is now mine, Mcgrath…”

…The light was SO bright…

It was night. James lived in a house next to a forest. Then one night he went. Despite the spookiness, he carried on in the dark forest. James was scared, but continued on in the windy, dark forest still. Although trees was in his way he still saw a house, it was his house. He tried to get home, but before he reached it he got banged on his own head, by a robot, when he just looked, then fell asleep. Once Jame woke he saw the sun, the light, OH, the light was SO bright, it was like a desert. When James arrived home his parents were pleased to see him, because they didn’t see him in bed last night.


Despite the rain, the sun was still shinning. Today was a hot summer morning, my friends and i went down to the beach. When my friends arrived at my house, my mum was trying to be ‘cool’ but she always make a epic fail. We started to make our journey  to the beach. When we arrived there we made sands castles, we did sunbaving and had a swim in the ocean. It started to get late. There it was. My eyes opened widely the light was SO bright I never saw something so beautiful in my life! My eyes glowed brightly! We started to make our journey home. Today was a day to remember!