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The labrinth

As I got closer to the end I heard the screams of the dead.I nervously clutched my slippery hand on the rusty metal railings.AAAAHHH!!!!! I had saw a wandering soul hovering above me.The soul had penetrated through me and started to control me.It was owning me.Slowly and steadily, I walked through the walls.There it was. The most luxury hotel in the ‘whole world’.Crawling swiftly, I climbed up the 5000 feet block. The immortal evil soul had snuck out of me as a thief and left to go outside to finish his undealed problem with his killer.


The strange dream


Slowly and steadily,I crept downstairs wanting no one to see me.I was trying to compose myself, after what I saw? knock,knock,knock someone or something had knocked at the front door.At this moment I was shrouded in a blanket of fear.I hooked my hand on the door handle ,I nervously pulled the door open and there it was. The vision I had saw had finally came true ,the devil had appeared. Terrified,frightened,scared,he dragged me to hell. “Why do I have to suffer?”I said cowardly! Meanwhile I was dripping sweat.He jumped into me and controlled me.”AAAHH!” Oh it was only a dream but something weird had happened.I went downstairs and opened the door and the vision I saw in my dream had came true?