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100wc My Ultamite Adventure

I wandered through the forest , not knowing where I was. My parents are probably aware that I’m not at home. It all started when I saw a husky then started following  it, I just couldn’t keep up with the husky. I saw the sun fall upon my eyes, everything went black.

I saw a dim light so I obviously follow it, hmm it leads to a abandoned mansion, NOT SCARED at all. I wanted to knock, but before I could raise my hand the door opened. Ha ha!! Great joke whoever you are!

I knew this was going to be My Ultimate Adventure!!!


As I walked closer to the strange figure I was sucked into a haunted house unexpectedly. Worried, terrified, petrified, I looked carefully around the house if I  was alone in the house. Suddenly, the house was shacking uncontrollably. As I peeked out the window I saw something that I never expected. It was the end.

Demons and angels were battling against each other so we could survive through this disaster . In a split second, the house was ripped away like a piece of paper.  Where will I go for my shelter? Will I die or survive this unexpected disaster .