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Survival Camp day 3

They finally made it to London. As soon as they got there, they went to the police station. 10 minuets later, they penetrated the laser beams and told the police what had happened. Soon after the next day’s newspaper had their names written all over it literally ther names covered the newspaper:ads, articles, even housing departments.

They took over the world by storm. At dawn the police came and greeted them with kind regards.

Survival Camp! Day 2

Good morning said Flash, but Ray didn’t reply. on their journey to London, they had got into some trouble with a bunch of teenagers whilst sneaking past them they realised that the city they were in wasn’t London it was Birmingham. They turned around and got robbed by a teenager who took his own wallet. Running for the hills, which happens everyday, they fell into a  hole with a catiplliar.They had camped their for the night for tommorow they might lose their lives.

Survival Camp ! Day 1

There was once a boy called Flash, who thought he was invincible and overpowered, who was as weak as a bunny rabbits. The person who is walking next to him was Ray ,who was a powerful person, thought he was weak. They were in survival camp together, and now they were the only people in the wilderness. They were in a situation with a bear. An angry bear. As they ran for the hills, they started to have flashbacks of what their teacher told them. Suddenly, Flash remembered the torch he had and that if you flash it twice your safe. He did it then the bear ran away then flash and Ray set up camp.