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100WC #14

When you hear gulls cawing; when you are bouncing around on your bed (well at least you think it is your bed); when the crying of orders comes from a man that probably knows what he is doing, then you know you’ve been abducted by pirates. But, things where not all like that for Jenny, well… she was with pirates, but for a good reason. She strutted up onto deck, casually expecting to see her friends, she did, but not how she wanted. They were injured, badly. She turned to see her ship in ruins then she remembered how it all happened.

The Shipwreck

John and his friend Ben were walking down by the sea when they saw a crowd of people gathering around something lodged in the rocky sands. They eagerly pushed through the crowd to see what the attraction was. To their surprise, it was an old rusty shipwreck. They heard someone say that it was  hundreds of years old and one of the ships from the Spanish Armada, wrecked on the west coast of Ireland. They wondered about the history of this once wonderful ship that must have been through many adventures in the dark blue seas. Now it was just an eerie shipwreck with all the people who had sailed in it, banished forever.