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Sherlock Holmes Chapter 3


The little girl screamed with joy as she played in her sand dune. She was the happiest girl that lived, with parents that cared and loved her. But then she heard mysterious rustling in the leaves. What was that noise? As you could imagine, she was a little girl so she got paralyzed with fear. As quick as a lightning bolt, she felt a hand firmly cover her mouth, so she heard a muffled scream. She got silently kidnapped! All that remains is old,broken sandcastles.

Sherlock exited the bar and grinned. Jane (a girl he had always had a crush on) just gave him a kiss on the cheek! Sherlock felt his heart pounding like crazy. Anyway he had to get that out of his mind and concentrate on the new case about the kidnapped girl. After he got he report file, he recognized the girl. It was the daughter of Sherlock’s parents old friend. He knew that he had to solve the case, but the question was how? After a couple of minutes of extreme thinking he got it! Sherlock could watch a video of the security camera to see who it was. Sherlock showed the video to the police and it was all over for the kidnapper. But would you believe it? The kidnapper was Jane!