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Big mistake

“Where can I go?”  Susan asked herself, “where should I ruin a job?” she walked around the street looking for a door that would invite her in. She couldn’t find a good job to sabotage. Finally she found a door. She found her prey.  ” Nothing is better than carving some ice.” she smiled and walked in.

Rudely she walked to the boss. “I heard that I will work here.” she stated but she never heard anything like that.  ” Oh yeah, sure you can work here.” the boss agreed. A teenager looked up from his work. He ran over to his boss. “Can we talk for a minute.”  he asked.

” Yes Jo.” the boss walked into a corner and Jo followed.

“We don’t need another person. Especially a girl.” Jo said surprisingly.

“The more people we have the more sculptures we will make.” convinced the boss.

” I don’t know. The way she walked in didn’t convince me. But lets give her some chances.” Jo said sighing. They both went  to Susan and allowed her to stay. She smiled. He saw something in her smile-something that made him shiver slightly.

The next day she crashed ten ice sculptures. She pretended that she did it by accident but Jo knew it wasn’t. She kept on dropping ice cubes and when nobody was around she burned them. It carried on for a long time. Ice sculptures were not being made.

Finally she was fired. Jo was right. She was evil. The boss made a big mistake.