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The note chapter 1

It was the most dreadful day in my life everything was going wrong. I went to detention and got sent home because I started talking, at detention, to Michael (my friend who got me all in this mess). I couldn`t believe it. It was all his fault not mine! As I exited the school It was pitch black. The only thing I saw was one lamp post in the middle of the street. I started to speed up. My walking turned to running.

The labrinth

As I got closer to the end I heard the screams of the dead.I nervously clutched my slippery hand on the rusty metal railings.AAAAHHH!!!!! I had saw a wandering soul hovering above me.The soul had penetrated through me and started to control me.It was owning me.Slowly and steadily, I walked through the walls.There it was. The most luxury hotel in the ‘whole world’.Crawling swiftly, I climbed up the 5000 feet block. The immortal evil soul had snuck out of me as a thief and left to go outside to finish his undealed problem with his killer.



In the deep mysterious moonlight forest it was quiet. Too quiet. As I strolled through the rustling leaves my heart was filled with an amazing suspense. I had a feeling that I was alone. A pile of coldness swept onto my face as I breathed into the ghostly wind. As I stared into the sky I saw something amazing, something  you could never believe. As I looked right down, suddenly the image I could see in my eyes was not quite amazing right now. Panting heavily, my heart boomed and ached so hurtfully I could no longer hear myself screaming. What a mystery?

The 100wc

Scared, terrified, frightened, i went downstairs not knowing what danger had come. I whipped the door open and ran out the door. Running rapidly, I saw a figure in the distance and went to investigate. The trees towered over me and the wind howled like wolves. Suddenly, a hand reached out at me and dragged me to a nearby cottage.I shrouded myself in the corner but it just didn’t work.

I stepped on the creatures foot and ran home.I tucked myself in bed and saw a hand on my back. Running as a tornado I leapt on my parents bed and went to sleep.

The strange dream


Slowly and steadily,I crept downstairs wanting no one to see me.I was trying to compose myself, after what I saw? knock,knock,knock someone or something had knocked at the front door.At this moment I was shrouded in a blanket of fear.I hooked my hand on the door handle ,I nervously pulled the door open and there it was. The vision I had saw had finally came true ,the devil had appeared. Terrified,frightened,scared,he dragged me to hell. “Why do I have to suffer?”I said cowardly! Meanwhile I was dripping sweat.He jumped into me and controlled me.”AAAHH!” Oh it was only a dream but something weird had happened.I went downstairs and opened the door and the vision I saw in my dream had came true?