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Incredible Love

Don’t you ever picture a world,where everlasting love so placed? Wouldn’t you just love to live in a place where all these incredible values were shared? More love in this troubled world would change almost everything. It could lift so many hearts and it will also feel so wonderful. Love is an amazing value that brings bonding,connection and communication. Love is an important value in the kingdom of God because it never ends. We share God’s love with one another. Our God loves us all. Love is like a river that flows non stop. Love is a special gift from God, our father from above. Love can change for the better and for the good.

Sometimes I start to take a bit a of my connection away from me and God and I let myself down. Love can sometimes stop and this feeling sometimes comes between my friends, family and I. I can feel all alone with no comfort. Love is an incredible value of God because it can bind us together in faith, unity and also peace. Love brings us all feel united and strong. Love can usually lack into our lives. It comes and goes. But imagine being in a world where it never ends and it rests within our hearts?

Please gracious Lord, give me your special strength to spread you precious love to share and cherish. Help me to give your everlasting love to everyone. Give me your help to become a better person. Lift your spirit of love upon us at all times. In the way I speak and in the things I do, help me to show your most special love to those who need it. Help me our father to understand your love and from there everyone will be pleased and happy.

Lord hear my prayer