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100 WC #Week 17

It was dark. I was all alone and abandoned. Sorrowfully, I wept on the rugged ruffled grass. I have to get out of this solitary forest. I thought to myself. What should I do? Then, I came up with a clever idea. I could find a shortcut! As I was running forward, I saw an luminous light. The light, was SO bright. At that moment, I knew everything will be alright. Soon after, I was on my feet again. Rapidly, I ran like the wind. I got faster and faster. As reached the door, there it was-my fluffy cute rabbit.

The magic door

“Pass the ball Zach .” Amy said radiantly. Zach  passed the ball. Amy shot, and it went to the moon and back, but it landed on the other side of the bruised, smashed wall in the abandoned house, where merciless  sounds are often heard. Despite the fact the ball was in the scary house, Zach fearlessly leaped over the wall. To save his adored football  from the house. Forgetting his ball, Zach peered through the window and saw a magic door. The light was so bright.Reluctantly, Zach strutted towards the door and what he saw was ghastly. Amy courageously followed Zach.

Life long mate

It was a regular day in the life of me Liam Bucher the old man full of story’s, adventure’s and thing’s you would not belive. I was on my way to the brightly lit shop.Then I stopped in my tracks Alfie, my life long mate. When I saw him it triggered a memory, a memory I have never told anyone. It reminded me of a ship that crashed into sevaral rocks because the lighthouse wasn’t activated. Well the past is the past. I need to catch up with Alfie. To ask him what happend next because my brain went along time ago!

My Dads adventure

“Dad have you had a ultimate adventure?” I asked out of curiosity.

“Now that you made me think about it I have one you might like.” My Dad replied with a spring of glee.

“My ultimate adventure is about my childhood. It happened in the Park while I was playing football and the ball went over a fence and I said I’d get it. When I was on the other side, I saw a door- a magic door -. Without thinking, I walked towards the door and I opened it. What I saw as amazing. That was my ultimate adventure.”


Bored, spiritless, unsatisfied, Anne and Jade sat on their enormous sofa. Just because they are wealthy did not mean they had a lot to do. After hours of doing nothing they decided to go outside. Suddenly standing in front of them was a huge, mansion. The strange thing was that  it wasn’t there before. But of course that had to go in since it was the only thing to do.  The door creaked wide open. They walked and as they turned the corner they realised someone in a chair. The lady stood up and walked slowly to them. What will she do?

It was made of stone and now so is my heart

It was made of stone and now so is my heart.  Shocked, surprised, frozen, I stared at a stone piece of furniture. All made of stone. I realised a very dark grey (not completely black)  cat on the settee. It also was made out stone and matched the settee in colour. It looked old but maybe it was because it was stone. After every second I became hypnotised by it. Soon I sat on it and new that it was magic. Bad magic. Evil magic. Hypnotising magic. Changing hearts magic. It was made of stone and now so is my heart.

…The light was SO bright…

It was night. James lived in a house next to a forest. Then one night he went. Despite the spookiness, he carried on in the dark forest. James was scared, but continued on in the windy, dark forest still. Although trees was in his way he still saw a house, it was his house. He tried to get home, but before he reached it he got banged on his own head, by a robot, when he just looked, then fell asleep. Once Jame woke he saw the sun, the light, OH, the light was SO bright, it was like a desert. When James arrived home his parents were pleased to see him, because they didn’t see him in bed last night.

the light outside

It was really cloudy outside. It looked as if it was going to rain and not a gleam of light looked down. Despite all the dim, ghastly clouds, I came out. I didn’t care about the rain and it never frightened me. Actually I loved it. I liked it wet. I enjoyed splashing in all the puddles and getting myself soaked. I don’t know why! I was then running like mad. Suddenly, I bumped into a wall. The world spun around me as I slowly passed out. Finally I woke up. The earth was sunny and the light was SO bright. I heard words but can’t remember what they were. Despite all this I knew it was God.

100 wc week 16

Dave was preparing for sports day. Making sure that he could dodge all of Roger’s surprises. Dave’s mum, called Janet, knew he would  get hurt because every year. This year he knew that he was ready for any tricks.  In the morning, Dave rapidly ran downstairs and left. Before he knew it, Dave was at school, so was Roger. It was sports day everyone, went to the park. The final race was the sprinting, Roger had put slimy, slithery toy snakes, that were covered in jelly down Daves pants. Despite the fact he hated snakes he still won and beat Roger.

100 WC # Week16

Shaking nervously, Thomas walked to the podium. As he stepped up, the older boys belted out with laughter.Those boys always teased Thomas and wanted to do the same in his speech. “Thomas is a loser!!” bellowed Jamie. Thomas was ready. As he started, the older boys were dumbfounded. They never knew he could do such.  Jamie was absolutely speechless. Micheal, who was part of the group, felt like a criminal. At the end, The group of boys felt sorry for teasing Thomas. Soon after, Jamie and the boys apologized to Thomas and they never teased him again. They also learned a very important lesson.