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100 words challenge

Bored, uninterested and tired as her mom rambled on about not opening the door to strangers and not leaving the house while she was at work; Danny’s eyes were suddenly drawn to a shadow in the corner of her living room.

Puzzled and intrigued, she checked it out. In the corner of the room she found a treasure map. “X marks the spot! ” she grinned.

She left the house and set off to find the hidden treasure.

Although, her mother told her not to leave the house she knew she’d get back in time… Or at least she thought.

“Dead meat” she said as she looked at her watch!

Treasure or failure

Four months ago the ‘best’ thing happened. My friends called and said that they found a map. We all thought that we can be beautifully rich! So then we went. We strolled down the street looking at the map all the time(Chloe bumped her head on a pole). Confused, astonished, baffled, we stood in front of our local park. We noticed a red x on the soil. We walked up.  ” Well, X marks the spot I guess!” Chloe muttered.  We dug around for a bit and saw a small box. We opened it and you will never guess what was in it. Absolutely nothing. Well that was an hour wasted.


Linda and Harry finally could go out of London.  It was the holidays. The time where they could hang around lots of different places with their dog, Lucy. This time they went to Cardiff Bay in Wales. Linda sat on the pole that stops people from falling into the water. Harry leaned against it and Lucy sat next to them. ” I wish it was like this forever. That we didn’t ever have to go to work.” she exclaimed. Then she pointed forward. ” Look at that boat! I think we should go on it.”

“That is a great idea!” he answered and they ran off.


I know this sounds strange but aliens can be real. I think I saw a UFO. This is what happened. I was in the park playing tennis with my friend. It was a wonderful day and I was having a great time. Suddenly darkness came over the court. At first I thought it was a cloud. But then I looked up. “Hey look up. Can you see that?” I shouted at her. She simply nodded. Light was suddenly bursting out. We knew it went. Quickly we packed our stuff and ran home. I never spoke about it to anyone. Until this day. Will it come back?

Back On Track Chapter 1: A New Begining

” It’s all over, the bad guys are beaten, and it’s finally my day off, ” I said with a smile on my face. Tired, exhausted, zonked, as I walked out of the newly refurbished football stadium or used to be. Suddenly, rapidly running straight at me was Alex- who is my best friend- launched me up into the air and i smashed my head into the cold, concrete floor. He had just informed me that the EA were starting a new world football tournament and our team have been nominated to compete there. Amazed, excited, ready, I knew that my team and I could do it. Rapidly running, to the clubhouse I could feel how excited they’d be when I told them the news.

As I arrived at the clubhouse, late as usual for the daily meeting I kicked the oak wood door open. Everyone seemed to be down. What’s the matter I said as I grabbed a cola from the fridge and took a seat on the sofa dyed brown. They said that all of our parents had disappeared.As I told the news the hearts lifted because we had a chance to save them. But the frustration we all felt was unmeasurable.

Our team had been told to meet at the stadium tomorrow for our first football match.

My new disaster

A week ago was the best day of my life. I got a black horse. I loved it so much. But then I realised that it was a big problem. The day I got it was a disaster. I was riding it around my field. I realised that he needed a rest so we went next to the pipe. I heard the water gushing down. After five minutes we went again. He was extra fast. Suddenly he saw a bunch of green grass that looked like a snake. He stopped. I flew into a pond. Carefully I swam to the grass. It wasn’t the best day of my life.

100 word challenge week 23

Running rapidly, I was bewildered,for I’d run into the forest forgetting to retrace my steps as I got deeper and deeper into the forest. Suddenly, I came across a rotting, old couch which seemed like the only way of me surviving the night. As I walked towards the rotten sofa, I started to fell sick and before I could even touch its silky pillows, I passed out because of the smell that was like having to smell stinky cheese and onion all day.

Two months later,

As I awoke from my deep slumber, I noticed that I couldn’t even see.

100 word challenge week 24

Banging intensively, Sarah- my mother- nearly broke my wooden door down trying to wake me up for the flight to Miami. Cold, tired, zonked, as I got out of bed rapidly running to the bathroom. Despite the sub-zero rain, we still ran to the car, whichwould take us to the airport. Amazingly, we made it through the gates and on to the plane. As I rummaged my backpack for an angel cake. I noticed the problem. Then when I looked out the plane window I noticed it again for a second time. One of the planes engines had caught fire…

Big mistake

“Where can I go?”  Susan asked herself, “where should I ruin a job?” she walked around the street looking for a door that would invite her in. She couldn’t find a good job to sabotage. Finally she found a door. She found her prey.  ” Nothing is better than carving some ice.” she smiled and walked in.

Rudely she walked to the boss. “I heard that I will work here.” she stated but she never heard anything like that.  ” Oh yeah, sure you can work here.” the boss agreed. A teenager looked up from his work. He ran over to his boss. “Can we talk for a minute.”  he asked.

” Yes Jo.” the boss walked into a corner and Jo followed.

“We don’t need another person. Especially a girl.” Jo said surprisingly.

“The more people we have the more sculptures we will make.” convinced the boss.

” I don’t know. The way she walked in didn’t convince me. But lets give her some chances.” Jo said sighing. They both went  to Susan and allowed her to stay. She smiled. He saw something in her smile-something that made him shiver slightly.

The next day she crashed ten ice sculptures. She pretended that she did it by accident but Jo knew it wasn’t. She kept on dropping ice cubes and when nobody was around she burned them. It carried on for a long time. Ice sculptures were not being made.

Finally she was fired. Jo was right. She was evil. The boss made a big mistake.



100 wc week 17

When the light was so bright; when the darkness has been beaten; when the you are winter breeze wraps around you, then you know it’s time for school. As mum pulled my deep Crimson blankets off me I remembered today was Friday. Finally, I got to school and strolled to assembly. My headteacher -Mr Curry- mentioned who the prefects  would be. As he announced the names I was shocked that all my friends got one. Amazed, astounded, happy, as they came back I felt amazing. Anxiously, he called the head boy and girl names and was shocked I got head boy.