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A story about a poppy

It was a lovely sunny day  my friends and I were playing in the park . My friend John found a red flower he had no idea what it was. He called us over to have a look it was a poppy. I told him they grew in world war 1. “Now I remember” he said. I told him In two day It would be 100 years since world war 1. Really he said I never knew that.  ” wow I can’t wait for it to be Friday  it will be great.  We all went to Luke’s house.  Luke said his mums dad was in world war 1 ” wow” we all said.


The Tower of London. What a place of praise. Many people gather round the red dripping blood of the Poppies. Pictures, crying and remembering all in one go. These wonderful things are great for attraction. What an amazing place to be. As we look at these beautiful poppies we remember all those brave soldiers who fought so hard for their country. World War 1 what a terrible thing so many  innocent people died it is so devastating and hurtful. Let’s look on the bright side and remember all together. We should remember our family and friends by looking at the poppies.