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But as the leaves rustled

It was five O’clock and Alice, also Niaomi had an argument. Alice said to her that there was foxes who comes behind the bush to get ketchup. So Naomi told her to get the ketchup. After Alice gave the ketchup she went upstairs to get her fox suit. Then she crept behind and then was barking at Niaomi.  Alice then ran upstairs and went down normally and Niaomi broke up with her because she knew it was Alice. That night Niaomi was by herself in her flat with her beans on toast.

Right after the beans on toast Naomi saw a pink little box and it was a friendship bracelet. As her finger touched it she flash backed to the time she caught Alice being the fox, but instead when Alice and her went out again a real fox went out, but as the leaves rustled there was more foxes. When, went to save them; when they shocked hands; when her doorbell rang, then Naomi knew she should answer the door. It was Alice and they shook hand and hugged, also appoligised to each other. They had their friendship bracelet. It was like they had the same flashback but the other way round.