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Back On Track Chapter 1: A New Begining

” It’s all over, the bad guys are beaten, and it’s finally my day off, ” I said with a smile on my face. Tired, exhausted, zonked, as I walked out of the newly refurbished football stadium or used to be. Suddenly, rapidly running straight at me was Alex- who is my best friend- launched me up into the air and i smashed my head into the cold, concrete floor. He had just informed me that the EA were starting a new world football tournament and our team have been nominated to compete there. Amazed, excited, ready, I knew that my team and I could do it. Rapidly running, to the clubhouse I could feel how excited they’d be when I told them the news.

As I arrived at the clubhouse, late as usual for the daily meeting I kicked the oak wood door open. Everyone seemed to be down. What’s the matter I said as I grabbed a cola from the fridge and took a seat on the sofa dyed brown. They said that all of our parents had disappeared.As I told the news the hearts lifted because we had a chance to save them. But the frustration we all felt was unmeasurable.

Our team had been told to meet at the stadium tomorrow for our first football match.

100 word challenge week 23

Running rapidly, I was bewildered,for I’d run into the forest forgetting to retrace my steps as I got deeper and deeper into the forest. Suddenly, I came across a rotting, old couch which seemed like the only way of me surviving the night. As I walked towards the rotten sofa, I started to fell sick and before I could even touch its silky pillows, I passed out because of the smell that was like having to smell stinky cheese and onion all day.

Two months later,

As I awoke from my deep slumber, I noticed that I couldn’t even see.

100 word challenge week 24

Banging intensively, Sarah- my mother- nearly broke my wooden door down trying to wake me up for the flight to Miami. Cold, tired, zonked, as I got out of bed rapidly running to the bathroom. Despite the sub-zero rain, we still ran to the car, whichwould take us to the airport. Amazingly, we made it through the gates and on to the plane. As I rummaged my backpack for an angel cake. I noticed the problem. Then when I looked out the plane window I noticed it again for a second time. One of the planes engines had caught fire…

100 wc week 14

It was night. My friend Charlie and I were near the abandoned boat. This was the one adventure that would surely take our career by storm. We were barred from going to the space. The planks of wood on it looked newly referbished it’s as if it was forgotten about, than abandoned. Suddenly, Charlie was swarmed by ghosts from all eras. All of them trying to smuggle his soul into the underworld. I didn’t know anything else to do, but run: run for my life; run for safety; run and leave Charlie behind. The worst thing was; I did it!


In the deep mysterious moonlight forest it was quiet. Too quiet. As I strolled through the rustling leaves my heart was filled with an amazing suspense. I had a feeling that I was alone. A pile of coldness swept onto my face as I breathed into the ghostly wind. As I stared into the sky I saw something amazing, something  you could never believe. As I looked right down, suddenly the image I could see in my eyes was not quite amazing right now. Panting heavily, my heart boomed and ached so hurtfully I could no longer hear myself screaming. What a mystery?

You hear a noise somewhere…

I woke up in the middle of the night.
”Five! Four!”
I heard something outside. I didn’t dare to look out my window.
”Three! Two!”
I couldn’t resist! What was going to happen after one? But I can’t look out my window, its 4:58am and it wasn’t a good time to turn on the light.
I heard a click and a bang..
The lights come on. I stood alone in my room, shaking. I shrank into my knees, wrapping myself with my arms. I rubbed my arms to get rid of the goose bumps.

After composing myself, I decided to go outside and see what happened. I silently sneaked outside and stood in shock. There was a human body laying in blood. I ran in horror and disgust. I rushed to the phone and dialled the number ‘999’.

In no time the police came, but once they went to the area were the crime was committed. The body was gone. No one ever believed me after that…