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100 WC #Week 14

I stood there. Tragic tears fell from my pessimistic face as I stared at the abandoned, demolished, boat. For that boat, was the boat that separated my family. It was  like the waves of the sea separating  me and my family. I remembered that day. 1st July 2013 at 7:30pm. My family were on a cruise for the summer. Suddenly, when we least expected it, a prodigious hurricane came washing over us like soap. The next day at shore, all I could see was the dead bodies of my family. The memory of anguish came flooding back to my mind.

100 wc week 14

It was night. My friend Charlie and I were near the abandoned boat. This was the one adventure that would surely take our career by storm. We were barred from going to the space. The planks of wood on it looked newly referbished it’s as if it was forgotten about, than abandoned. Suddenly, Charlie was swarmed by ghosts from all eras. All of them trying to smuggle his soul into the underworld. I didn’t know anything else to do, but run: run for my life; run for safety; run and leave Charlie behind. The worst thing was; I did it!

100 WC #Week 13

The sun shone effulgently in the forest. It was a blissful treasure. Jack, who was in a truculent mood, came plodding along with a murky miserable face. The gloomy mood on Jack’s ashy face reflected on the luminosity of the forest. Suddenly, the dazzling, blazing, sun became gloomy grey. When you know the sky is grey; when the sky is dusky; when the forest has lost it’s vivid colours, then you know something is wrong. Jack plodded along but as the leaves rustled, Jack realised the forest was dark because he was grumpy. As soon he smiled, the forest came to life.


It was quiet, too quiet. I could hear a pin drop. Out of nowhere I saw a gloomy shadow illuminating the darkness. It gave me chills at the back of my neck.I started walking slower and slower until I stopped to a halt. I saw it again. My stone heart started to break yet I had to escape. I turned my body sideways and it wasn’t there. I felt relief for a brief moment but when I turned around I could see his ominous smile looking at me; there was no escape. It was the end.

‘When; when; when, then’ sentences

Hi Year 6,
Remember these sentences from this afternoon?

When tumultuous thunder shakes the ground; when blinding lightning tears the sky; when storm clouds block every ray of hopeful light, then you know the Kraken is approaching.

See if you can create the opening to this ending. Add your sentence as a comment. Make sure you get some WOW vocabulary in your sentence.

……. then you know that Christmas I near.

100wc week 12

He was shocked to find, a puny, undersized lion cub pouncing as if it was in a jungle gym.                                                                                        ” Ha! Why you’re not even worth the killing it wouldn’t bring me any satisfaction!” he sniggered. The honourable guard looked at the cub from the corner of his eye. He saw the saddened heart and tender love in the cub. In that moment, he acted like a sly sneaky fox as he went in to grab the poor thing. Stopping furiously, in his tracks was the Lord of Nulth. Suddenly, the cub demolished the Lord of Nulth and all his minions.

100 WC Week#12

He was shocked to find that there were two rabbits in the sack. Amazed, shocked, surprised, the Lord of Nulth gawked at the two vexatious bunnies shouting indignantly, the Lord of Nulth asked, “Why are these ludicrous animals here?” Suddenly, the robots went spurting to their Lord. “Chuck out these creatures!” The Lord of Nulth declared indignantly. As the robots were about to throw the rabbits into the blackish dungeon, (which was actually  a cage) The biggest bunnies in the world somehow brought the light of heaven to earth. Soon after, the Evil man was stabbed by imagination. He died and imagination won!


He was shocked to find a to find a gorgeous golden cat which lay sweetly on the floor. “Get him away from me now, he demanded!”
“Yes sir!” Nervous, furious, scared, Lord Nulth demanded this to his robots.”Do what you want with him! He’s useless to me.” As they took him down the steep stairs the monkeys decided to kill him. After that one of the monkeys dropped the sack and the cat escaped. All off a sudden they saw how the cat jumped out of the window and the monkeys lost their vision of him yet the cat survived and who knows what he did?

prompt:”Run! Run for your life!”

Walking anxiously, I looked at the beautiful golden walls. I knew my only reason being here is to find treasure and I couldn’t waste time. My mind was a ocean with questions such as: Am I going to die? (I hope not). I thought of my family I have to do it for them other wise they will starve death. I saw a quick glimpse of light shining through the roof and i started to believe in myself, I can do it.I ran quicker and i saw a golden statue. It was the treasure. I ran to it and grabbed it as soon as I did it meanwhile ground shook like an earthquake. I started to make a run for it. My heart was pounding like a lion racing through the jungle. I saw the exit and i thought I was saved but the mountain was getting destroyed and falling into the ocean. I then heard an engine. It was the helicopter. I jumped onto it and i was saved (including my family). I am such a risk taker.