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100 words challenge

Bored, uninterested and tired as her mom rambled on about not opening the door to strangers and not leaving the house while she was at work; Danny’s eyes were suddenly drawn to a shadow in the corner of her living room.

Puzzled and intrigued, she checked it out. In the corner of the room she found a treasure map. “X marks the spot! ” she grinned.

She left the house and set off to find the hidden treasure.

Although, her mother told her not to leave the house she knew she’d get back in time… Or at least she thought.

“Dead meat” she said as she looked at her watch!


Everyone knows about the `luxurious` sofa. It was owned by a billionaire, yet no one knew the true story except from me- Dawid. In the middle stood a house( actually a mansion), one man lived there. He had no family except from his pet, fluffy, a rabbit. While the man sat on the couch, he heard whirling noises outside. In front of him was a gigantic tornado. The man died brutally. Next day, the only thing that remained was the cozy couch and the rabbit lay still on the couch. No one knew what happened. I was his new neighbour.

100 word challenge week 24

Banging intensively, Sarah- my mother- nearly broke my wooden door down trying to wake me up for the flight to Miami. Cold, tired, zonked, as I got out of bed rapidly running to the bathroom. Despite the sub-zero rain, we still ran to the car, whichwould take us to the airport. Amazingly, we made it through the gates and on to the plane. As I rummaged my backpack for an angel cake. I noticed the problem. Then when I looked out the plane window I noticed it again for a second time. One of the planes engines had caught fire…

100 wc week 17

When the light was so bright; when the darkness has been beaten; when the you are winter breeze wraps around you, then you know it’s time for school. As mum pulled my deep Crimson blankets off me I remembered today was Friday. Finally, I got to school and strolled to assembly. My headteacher -Mr Curry- mentioned who the prefects  would be. As he announced the names I was shocked that all my friends got one. Amazed, astounded, happy, as they came back I felt amazing. Anxiously, he called the head boy and girl names and was shocked I got head boy.

100 WC #Week 17

It was dark. I was all alone and abandoned. Sorrowfully, I wept on the rugged ruffled grass. I have to get out of this solitary forest. I thought to myself. What should I do? Then, I came up with a clever idea. I could find a shortcut! As I was running forward, I saw an luminous light. The light, was SO bright. At that moment, I knew everything will be alright. Soon after, I was on my feet again. Rapidly, I ran like the wind. I got faster and faster. As reached the door, there it was-my fluffy cute rabbit.

The note chapter 1

It was the most dreadful day in my life everything was going wrong. I went to detention and got sent home because I started talking, at detention, to Michael (my friend who got me all in this mess). I couldn`t believe it. It was all his fault not mine! As I exited the school It was pitch black. The only thing I saw was one lamp post in the middle of the street. I started to speed up. My walking turned to running.

Survival Camp day 3

They finally made it to London. As soon as they got there, they went to the police station. 10 minuets later, they penetrated the laser beams and told the police what had happened. Soon after the next day’s newspaper had their names written all over it literally ther names covered the newspaper:ads, articles, even housing departments.

They took over the world by storm. At dawn the police came and greeted them with kind regards.

A Christmas Story

Christmas came. It was 1970 and back then children would ask for food more than anything else. Now children ask for presents and electronics. This is a story about myself in 2178.

It was three days, before the Nativity. I was the Roman soldier,but a very anxious one. I always made mistakes but took in the feedback and made myself better. The people sung carols, for Christmas time was near. Christ himself was born. Just like Christ I was born on Christmas. Which means I only get one present from each person because my birthday presents are my Christmas presents. Anyway, after a long day of practice I finally nailed it. I was confident on my lines and knew everything was going to be all right. But it wasn’t because all my friends didn’t like me because I got the part they all wanted. But, I plowed through the pain not daring to let it go.

The night of the nativity came and everyone was there. As their intimidating eyes stared at me I started to get frightened. It was my part and I spluttered the words out, and honestly sounded like a pig. The lead part was Francis, who hogged the stage to himself, and he was terrible. He interrupted other people’s part and everyone gossiped about him after the show. His mom pretended she was somebody else’s mother and started joining in with the gossip.

After the performance, I went home as usual and was shocked to find a turkey roasting in the oven, my grandparents sitting at the table and getting a round of applause as I walked around the room with a startled look on my face. I had completely forgot that today was my birthday. Instead of getting one present I got two. What was the occasion I thought to myself. As I looked at everyone I saw a loving look in all their eyes. Because today I remembered all my lines and didn’t use the script.

Meanwhile, at Francis house he usually got five presents from each person, but today he only got one from the whole family. He had a disgusted look on his face and screamed. The family rapidly ran out of the room because in his stocking was coal. For in my stocking was a note which said:

Dear Pete,

You really have pushed yourself this year therefore each family member has been given some extra money to get you these.

Yours Truly                                                                                                 Santa Claws

100 WC #Week 15

I woke up. It was Christmas day. I departed like a cheetah downstairs to the living room. The tingling feeling in my spine punctured the silence and in the room as people plucked out their presents from our tree. Wrapping paper peppered the ceiling. As I ripped it my present open I was staggered. It was the cool red action figure I asked for. Jumping with joy, I showed my broad smile. I heard a strange knock at the door. I realised I had to host the guests for the celebration. Nervous, I step forward and shakily opened the door.


Today was the day. As I sat on the rusty, old chair I couldn’t wait till the first star lit up in the clear sky. It was my favourite celebration. Out of nowhere, I had a glimpse of a light that shone in the sky. As soon as that happened I heard a knock on the door. Nervous, excited, happy, Santa entered the house and done the same things as usual: sat on the chair; asked us if we were good and then gave out the presents. As soon as I opened mine, something strange and red looked at me with a ominous smile.