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Week 13 100 wc

When I’m bored; when my dog brings me ‘the biggest’ lead in the world; when I put my running trainers on, then you know I’m going to the most illuminatating thing in the eye of dog and boy. The most immportant thing to dog and the funnest thing for boy! (If you want this to sound good you have to read it rapidly.) It is the funniest, epic, exciting, awesome thing. To cut a long story short we are going to the park. Eventully, I arrived at the park. immediately, my dog leapt into a pile of leaves but as the leaves rustled.

My Dads adventure

“Dad have you had a ultimate adventure?” I asked out of curiosity.

“Now that you made me think about it I have one you might like.” My Dad replied with a spring of glee.

“My ultimate adventure is about my childhood. It happened in the Park while I was playing football and the ball went over a fence and I said I’d get it. When I was on the other side, I saw a door- a magic door -. Without thinking, I walked towards the door and I opened it. What I saw as amazing. That was my ultimate adventure.”

Sandwich, Grey, Miserable, Hyena, Climb

It was morning. Today was the day Adam and his group went on a camping trip. They went to a dark forest. After, they split two groups, and went to climb. When Adam, Kian, Ryan, and Lyudi went climbing they heard a scream, “OH, NO! A Hyena,” exclaimed Kian. “Look there’s Amelia,” said Lyudi. “I’ll save you” Lyudi shouted. But it was too late they were all miserable up the sTeep hill like their grey training wall. Arriving sadly, the boys got back and told everyone the news. When there’s a howl near by; when you see red eyes behind the bushes; when you see brown hair, then you know it’s a Hyena. Then they had a sandwich, and Took their mind of it.

Something was wrong

It was a regular evening at after school club. When the lesson ended, I was left waiting for ten minutes for my mum to come but, I was told my mum wasn’t coming. Sadly I had to walk home by myself not knowing what would happen. Strutting sluggishly, I walked down the dark road with the flickering street lights. All of a sudden I heard a merciless scream and it sounded like my sister in trouble. Racing rapidly, I ran as fast as I could. In no time I was home, peering through the window. Then I saw her hiding under the table.


I crept out of my flat and started to run because I had that horrifying feeling  you get when you are being watched! I raced to Max’s door, I couldn’t take the presser of being watched. I was about to ring the door bell I couldn’t believe the smell coming from Max’s front garden. It was so cute but I didn’t touch it because I didn’t know what it was. Then I knocked on the door and Max said “EEEEHHHHHH WHAT IS THAT?” I said “I do not have a clue.”I ran all the way home but I was locked out.