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100 word challange week 7#

There I was, in the sewer. I couldn’t believe the smell. it smelt like faeces. how horrible. How would you feel if you where in the sewer?  while I was siting in the sewer my nostrils where going to burst. the smell was so strong it would of suffocated you. Scared, Worried, Terrified, I felt while I was sitting in the sewers all alone. There was no way out. It was like a trap. While I was all by myself so many things where running through my mind. do you think anybody will find me? I think this is the end of me.  

100WC #Week7

I couldn’t believe the smell! It was wonderful. It smelt like flowers blossoming beautifully in spring. I was in love with the smell. “Jasmine, can you smell that beautiful smell,” I called out loudly. “Yeah it smells really nice,” she replied. I ran downstairs rapidly, eager to find out what was making the smell. The closer I got the stronger the smell became. The smell was coming from the garden. It was my mother experimenting to make a new fragrance called “Fabulous Flowers.”
“Mum this smells beautiful, let me touch,” I picked it up carefully. Suddenly the fragrance slipped out of my hand.

100wc #7 Prompt: I could not believe the smell

On a Sunday night I strolled into Mc Donald’s and I could not believe the smell, it was horrendous. I still bought my usual Big Mac, I don’t know what it could have been but it smelt like corpses.

All of the people behind the counter and all of the customers were dreamy and their eyes were white clouds that spoke to you trying to tell you to run but I couldn’t go, I was glued to the spot. I poked one in the head and it roared. They were zombies! I’m hiding about to die at this point. Goodbye.