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Everlasting (My Version) Chapter 1

I placed the peanut butter sandwich on my kitchen table, I was home alone for the weekend, parents at holiday and sister at friends. I never had friends at school, actually I feared school. Bullies would pick on me and push me to the ground just to kick me and punch me. I usually end up at home with purple skin and cuts on my face. That’s not all, parents were worse, they used to beat me up if I did something slightly wrong or just for fun (my sister wasn’t very different). As I was supposed to place my sandwich in my mouth, I heard footsteps upstairs. I was pretty sure I was alone at home, so that freaked me out. I swore anyone could hear my heart thumping. I took my broom and slowly walked upstairs to investigate what was all the drama. I slowly opened the door and ,I don’t know if I was dreaming this or not, I saw someone that looked as if he was a serial killer. “Gasp! ” I dropped the broom and slipped on it badly hurting my head. I ran for all I could do. I ran to the forest because it’s the only place I knew I felt safe in, but something was different about it, I saw a light which kind of looked like a portal from one of those portal games. I had no choice but to enter it. “You won’t survive, Amelia. ” I heard a voice say but who cares?! Right?! I hopped in. I tried to breath but I couldn’t, I felt like my skin was ripped apart. I knew I should of listened, but it’s worth it. At least I might go to heaven.

I felt my skin reach the cold grass, huh?! What happen there?! Wait… I survived!!! Wow, talking about trusting a serial killer. It looked like a forest, but a very dark forest. Like no other. For a while, I wandered around the the forest thinking about how I would get back. I felt tears come down my cheeks, I sat by a tree and cried. I saw a hand reach for me, I held it and it pulled me up. It was a person.. Was it?!


100wc My Ultamite Adventure

I wandered through the forest , not knowing where I was. My parents are probably aware that I’m not at home. It all started when I saw a husky then started following  it, I just couldn’t keep up with the husky. I saw the sun fall upon my eyes, everything went black.

I saw a dim light so I obviously follow it, hmm it leads to a abandoned mansion, NOT SCARED at all. I wanted to knock, but before I could raise my hand the door opened. Ha ha!! Great joke whoever you are!

I knew this was going to be My Ultimate Adventure!!!

The Seer Episode 2

He held me tight on the face. ” Can I trust you to keep quiet? “, I nodded slightly, ” If you think being such a scared woman will help, well it won’t ! “. My heart was thumping, I thought he heard it but he probably ignored it. ” Wear this Talisman, it will protect you for the time being. Now go and hide in the cupboard or something! “. He was really freaking me now, I hid in the cupboard as told, ” You know what? This is all probably a dream and you’re just a vision of my mind. “. The window swooped open. Where was that guy? I thought, HE’S LYING IN MY BED!!! He hid under the blanket like a maniac! From that window came in a ghost in a dark hood. ” I’m sure this is where that girl lives, maybe it’s my GPS  system broke down on the way. I should still check if for sure there is nothing in here. ” The ‘ghost’ started checking my room, then he went to my bed I knew that freaky guy was up to something…

” Oh no, it just had to be this guy. “, I think he knows this freaky guy. He jumped out of the bed and held his knife up to him. ” This ends here, your master Old Zalgo won’t be looking for her now! He he, you know, we have our jobs as well, so you know how it’s going to end… ” He held out his knife and- I didn’t dare to look. ” All done, nothing to worry about, it was just one of Zalgo’s filthy servants. “.

” Who’s Zalgo? “, I asked,

” Sorry girl, I have no time to explain, gotta get back to my base or my boss will seriously beat me up! “.

I’m afraid that’s a little too late for that… “

Horror: STORY 1

I’m sorry I cant start the story as writers usually do. The problem is that this story contains a SECRET. I will tell you the story, but I won’t use the characters ACTUAL name. I will use different names so it wont crack the person’s identity: so instead of the actual name, I will use a different name. Or, you can use YOUR names! For example if I was to say this took place in a school, you can make that school YOUR school or you can give the characters the names that YOU want. Simple right? Let me say again that the characters name or the place isn’t the REAL name.

Hmm, thinking of a name is harder than I thought. How about I call this character…Jenny! Jenny is a 12 year old girl, and she has the most biggest ears (if you’re about to say I just described the character, Jenny always covers her ears with her long black hair. So its a 99% chance you wont see her ears). Jenny ALWAYS orders pizza on the 4th of July: Pineapple pizza, Margarita, tomato pizza(no cheese), cheese burger pizza and so many others. But, this time, she thought she would get something different. She looked in the phone book with Max-Ernest and found a restaurant called ‘Ed’s Easy Diner’. Max-Ernest picked up the phone and started dialing.

After ten minutes or so, the delivery came. The money was paid and the food started to be eaten. Jenny looked out the window and saw the man who gave her the delivery…he looked suspicious. As she ate her burger, the man saw her staring at him. He opened his car door and took out…a bag of crisps?” I always eat my crisps when someone eats a burger!” she shouted out to Jenny. A little giggle came out of her mouth. They were talking for a bit until Jenny came outside. The two of them started being friends

A week passed, so Jenny and the delivery man, who’s fake name Ethan, were practically best friends. Max-Ernest always warns Jenny about Ethan but all she says is that he’s jealous that she has a best friend.

One night, Ethan rings Jenny and tells her that they have a huge party at the restaurant and that he will come pick her up at 8:30. Hours passed. It was 8:30. The door bell rang,  Jenny flew down the stairs to open the door. “Jen! Come on lets go!” examined Ethan from the mail hole. As she opened the door she said “Coming Eth,” she turned the door knob, “just give me a second!” All that was heard was after she opened the door was the sound of someone using their nails down a chalk board.

It was unknown what happened but Jenny was never found again. Oh yeah, and Max-Ernest is in a coma somehow.

Never trust strangers.

The Seer Episode 1

Hi, I’m Korbin. Korbin Jumping-eagle. You might be wandering what I’m blabbering on about, you see, my life has changed recently. Since I was born, I had a power to- well- see things. I can tell you this story but you should keep it to yourself. My grandmother passed away lately, she gave me a journal that I never dared to open for some reason. “I said get out you disgusting creature!!!” Sorry, I was seeing things again. I know this is silly, but I keep the journal under my bed so I don’t need to see it. But you know what? I’m old enough to open some journal, right? Here goes nothing…

“AAAAAAH!!!” What happened? Around me nothing happened, I’m just in my room as always. I think I should see that doctor mum was talking about. I should get some sleep. “Wake up.. I said WAKE UP!!!” I woke up and I saw something that I knew had to be real. “AAAAAAH!!!!” I cried as I  as I hit him with the pillow. He was a normal teenager , but something was different about him. He had pale skin, like a vampire, he had scarred cheeks that made his mouth bigger and creepy. He stopped me from fighting him with pillows and held my mouth so I could not scream. What might happen now….? Will my power of seeing things kill me?

100wc #7 Prompt: I could not believe the smell

On a Sunday night I strolled into Mc Donald’s and I could not believe the smell, it was horrendous. I still bought my usual Big Mac, I don’t know what it could have been but it smelt like corpses.

All of the people behind the counter and all of the customers were dreamy and their eyes were white clouds that spoke to you trying to tell you to run but I couldn’t go, I was glued to the spot. I poked one in the head and it roared. They were zombies! I’m hiding about to die at this point. Goodbye.