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Prompt Homework:Run! Run for your life!

It was the day. The day that the night came closer to me. I was so scared. My parents left me alone in the house while they went to a party. Hours went by.I heard the door bell ring….. who was there?I went closer.Step by step I heard the person who was outside. I checked who was outside…. no one was there.The bell rang again.I didn’t check.I got tired I turned off the TV and went up stairs to my room. As I took the first step I saw someone rush past me up stairs.I thought I was alone in the the house.But I guess that someone was with me all this time.

I got even scared-er what would happen? A shadow started coming  down stairs I got so scared. My mum came out of no where and she said to me “Run! Run for your life !”

As she opened the book, the strangest thing happened.

It is told that this book has satanic powers beyond human capability. Enough power to eliminate a entire dimension, which is why it’s guarded with the grand master,from then on had never stopped. The day that the book was unleashed and revealed to the world everyone wanted it. Until, satan himself came and that dimension vanished with satan. It is said the book was a gateway to the underworld the place where no human can survive. Its toxic fumes are too much for the lungs to handle. Somehow, a great dragon, called the saviour, flaps its wings and stops it from getting to other dimensions. Meanwhile, the other dimensions are finding a way to suppress the danger of it. So they can bring the other dimension back. Unfortunately, savior is getting old and weak, but the other dimensions need more time. Luckily, a young boy still in primary school walks into the fog. Saviour tried to stop him, but he walked through him.

In the fog, the boy saw dead bodies all around him. Walking wreaklessly, the boy stumbles into satan. Satan, live and well looked at the puny little boy and tried to throw him back into the overworld. Suddenly, the boy picked up Satan and locked Kim in a cage made out of nether ores. Without notice, the boy had disappeared with the dead bodies. When he got back to the overworld, the bodies were alive, the fog was gone and the dragon had disappeared with the boy. That boy had the power of a god and so had the dragon.


“Thanks for the delicious dinner, mum,” I said to my mum as I got my plate and put it into the sink. I rushed up stairs and couldn’t wait to read my new book: ghost. It’s about this girl meeting a ghost. At first, she’s scared, but then they become friends. i opened the door and jumped on my bed. As I opened the book, the strangest thing happened. I started to get sucked into the book!                                                                                                                                                                               Cautiously, I opened my eyes and took a look about. I was in a Victorian styled house. There was a huge clock that just striked midnight. I walked up a grand staircase leading up into a long hallway. Something about this house was familiar. I chose the closest door and whipped it open. There was a cracked mirror which i went and looked into. I noticed something strange. I was the main character in the book ghost.

This couldn’t be. Terrified, scared, nervous, I rushed out of the room straight downstairs. I rushed to the front door and anxiously tried to open it. Just as I suspected, it was locked. It started to get very cold. A shiver run up my spine.  My could hardly work. I knew what was coming next. A ghostly figure appeared. I started to walk backwards. Suddenly I fell down the stairs. I blacked out.

Slowly, I stood up and took a look about. The ghost was standing next to me. “Don’t worry; I won’t hurt you. But I would need your help. My ghost is trapped and i can’t enter heaven. That’s why I’m here. A very bad person is in this house. He trapped my soul. Can you help me to retrieve it?” he asked. I didn’t want to do it. But if this is the only way to get out of here, I have to risk it. I looked at him and, slowly, I shook my head.

I crept silently down the hallway, remembering the plan. The door was a couple of steps away from me. My heart was beating ferociously. This is the worst thing that could ever happen to me. I thought of my mum, because i thought I will never see her again. My hand reached the door handle. This was it. I whipped the door open. He was there. I screamed and he covered his ears. It’s true! He doesn’t like hight-pitched noises. The friendly ghost jumped on him and covered his head. I took a bowl I found on a black desk and opened it. White, furry things started to float out. It flew out and the ghost took it. He started to rise up into the sky.