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100 words challenge

Bored, uninterested and tired as her mom rambled on about not opening the door to strangers and not leaving the house while she was at work; Danny’s eyes were suddenly drawn to a shadow in the corner of her living room.

Puzzled and intrigued, she checked it out. In the corner of the room she found a treasure map. “X marks the spot! ” she grinned.

She left the house and set off to find the hidden treasure.

Although, her mother told her not to leave the house she knew she’d get back in time… Or at least she thought.

“Dead meat” she said as she looked at her watch!

Back On Track Chapter 2: The Next Level

Finally, the day of the first match.” Yep, we’ve come a long way,” said Simon with a grin. But, now it was time to go for the win.

The referee threw the ball in the center and before we knew it the match had started. The Raging Rovers managed to get the ball first. Their leader, who is called Alfred, had the ball and swiftly ran to the goal. Luckily,our goalie was paying attention and managed to block the ball and blasted it into the crowed. Running rapidly, Alfred ran to the center and blasted it  in the goalies stomach. Alfred got sent off for that because he initially aimed for the head, but hit his stomach.

The substitute, called Jimmy, ran straight to the free kick trying to block the ball. He headered it into our goal though. Our goalie was caught off guard. 1-0 to the Raging Rovers. Again and again… 2-0.

     Half time!

By half time the Raging Rovers were winning by 5-0!!!! We knew we had to turn this around. We had a group meeting where we discussed a strategy. Once everyone was informed about the plan, they shouted GO TEAM!! We started to act as if we had never had the talk, but as soon as Jimmy got the ball we all surrounded him. Unfortunately, Jimmy never learned how to do a kick-up and eventually passed it to me. I got the ball and started to rapidly run to the goal. It was an open goal and I could shoot and score. But, my teammate was standing right next to me. I could shoot and get all of the glory or I could pass.

In the end I decided to pass. My teammate shot and scored. We knew we could win now our strategy was in play. Finally 5-5 my team and I knew we cold win the match I shot and scored. We were through to the next round.

100 word challenge week 23

Running rapidly, I was bewildered,for I’d run into the forest forgetting to retrace my steps as I got deeper and deeper into the forest. Suddenly, I came across a rotting, old couch which seemed like the only way of me surviving the night. As I walked towards the rotten sofa, I started to fell sick and before I could even touch its silky pillows, I passed out because of the smell that was like having to smell stinky cheese and onion all day.

Two months later,

As I awoke from my deep slumber, I noticed that I couldn’t even see.

100 word challenge week 24

Banging intensively, Sarah- my mother- nearly broke my wooden door down trying to wake me up for the flight to Miami. Cold, tired, zonked, as I got out of bed rapidly running to the bathroom. Despite the sub-zero rain, we still ran to the car, whichwould take us to the airport. Amazingly, we made it through the gates and on to the plane. As I rummaged my backpack for an angel cake. I noticed the problem. Then when I looked out the plane window I noticed it again for a second time. One of the planes engines had caught fire…

Big mistake

“Where can I go?”  Susan asked herself, “where should I ruin a job?” she walked around the street looking for a door that would invite her in. She couldn’t find a good job to sabotage. Finally she found a door. She found her prey.  ” Nothing is better than carving some ice.” she smiled and walked in.

Rudely she walked to the boss. “I heard that I will work here.” she stated but she never heard anything like that.  ” Oh yeah, sure you can work here.” the boss agreed. A teenager looked up from his work. He ran over to his boss. “Can we talk for a minute.”  he asked.

” Yes Jo.” the boss walked into a corner and Jo followed.

“We don’t need another person. Especially a girl.” Jo said surprisingly.

“The more people we have the more sculptures we will make.” convinced the boss.

” I don’t know. The way she walked in didn’t convince me. But lets give her some chances.” Jo said sighing. They both went  to Susan and allowed her to stay. She smiled. He saw something in her smile-something that made him shiver slightly.

The next day she crashed ten ice sculptures. She pretended that she did it by accident but Jo knew it wasn’t. She kept on dropping ice cubes and when nobody was around she burned them. It carried on for a long time. Ice sculptures were not being made.

Finally she was fired. Jo was right. She was evil. The boss made a big mistake.




Frustration. That’s what I felt all my life. Frustration . I hate that word. Let me tell you how it started: “DAD NO!!!” I screamed as a crazy driver hit dad at 60 km an hour. It was all blurry to me, the car hitting dad, the ambulance coming and mum crying. I couldn’t believe it when the doctor came to tell us: “I’m sorry,” he sighed, “we couldn’t save him!”

Luckily we got over the pain quickly because we knew they couldn’t save him. Of course we felt that our lives were shattered. Life without dad wasn’t life. He was an amazing father and husband. I thought that that my life couldn’t get any worse. Boy was I wrong. The next day on the way to school I saw the house of old McAfee. The house always gave me shivers. I was petrified when an old creaky voice started to say “Joeyyyyyyyyyyyy  come inside the house. Joeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.”

Weirdly I started to walk towards it. It was almost like I didn’t have control over my body. Inside the house the same old voice said: “Joey you will go to sleep and wake up in 5 minutes at the top floor of the house. Your challenge is to get out of the house ALIVE. If you succeed, I will bring your dad back to life, but if you don’t, you will DIE” That’s when I blacked out.

After I woke up I started to walk straight away. I wanted to get out of here alive. Petrified I even started to run in dark, gloomy corridors. This house was creepier than I thought. The word ALIVE was still bobbling up and down my head so much, it hurt. When I got to the stairs, I gave a little cheer. But I should have known that it wouldn’t be that easy. A huge ghost blocked my path!

I hid behind the wall and looked at my enemy. He might seem scary but he sure is careless. As soon as he turned around, I just sneaked past him and managed to get outside. Freedom. As I was walking home a hand grabbed my hand. “Hi dad,” I retorted.

100 wc week 17

When the light was so bright; when the darkness has been beaten; when the you are winter breeze wraps around you, then you know it’s time for school. As mum pulled my deep Crimson blankets off me I remembered today was Friday. Finally, I got to school and strolled to assembly. My headteacher -Mr Curry- mentioned who the prefects  would be. As he announced the names I was shocked that all my friends got one. Amazed, astounded, happy, as they came back I felt amazing. Anxiously, he called the head boy and girl names and was shocked I got head boy.

A Christmas Story

Christmas came. It was 1970 and back then children would ask for food more than anything else. Now children ask for presents and electronics. This is a story about myself in 2178.

It was three days, before the Nativity. I was the Roman soldier,but a very anxious one. I always made mistakes but took in the feedback and made myself better. The people sung carols, for Christmas time was near. Christ himself was born. Just like Christ I was born on Christmas. Which means I only get one present from each person because my birthday presents are my Christmas presents. Anyway, after a long day of practice I finally nailed it. I was confident on my lines and knew everything was going to be all right. But it wasn’t because all my friends didn’t like me because I got the part they all wanted. But, I plowed through the pain not daring to let it go.

The night of the nativity came and everyone was there. As their intimidating eyes stared at me I started to get frightened. It was my part and I spluttered the words out, and honestly sounded like a pig. The lead part was Francis, who hogged the stage to himself, and he was terrible. He interrupted other people’s part and everyone gossiped about him after the show. His mom pretended she was somebody else’s mother and started joining in with the gossip.

After the performance, I went home as usual and was shocked to find a turkey roasting in the oven, my grandparents sitting at the table and getting a round of applause as I walked around the room with a startled look on my face. I had completely forgot that today was my birthday. Instead of getting one present I got two. What was the occasion I thought to myself. As I looked at everyone I saw a loving look in all their eyes. Because today I remembered all my lines and didn’t use the script.

Meanwhile, at Francis house he usually got five presents from each person, but today he only got one from the whole family. He had a disgusted look on his face and screamed. The family rapidly ran out of the room because in his stocking was coal. For in my stocking was a note which said:

Dear Pete,

You really have pushed yourself this year therefore each family member has been given some extra money to get you these.

Yours Truly                                                                                                 Santa Claws

100 word challange week 15

“Its come!” Joan announced.                                                                                     The christmas fair! Santa Claws, with his red, velvety fur coat, will be visiting Ashdon primary.  As the christmas celebration will be taking place tommorow. I, the headteacher, will be opening the doors. Soon after, I began to feel a bit nervous, after all I am only covering, for the real headteacher. The day, had come. Nervous, anxious, worried, as I approched the polished, mahogany door. A strange thing happened though, the children flooded me with presents. I was astounded by the care these loving children. Months later, the school elected me head, and forever greatful.







Embarrassing Mum

It was the day. The day all my friends were coming to my big mansion for my ultimate sleepover. I just couldn’t wait. I need to make sure everything looked perfect and obviously I need to look nice. Everybody says I’m boastful, but they are just jealous of the beauty in me. My parents are so annoying too. They’re always embarrassing me. Anyways time to get ready now.

Holly, who is my best friend , helped me to get ready. When I had done the finishing touch, she complemented me. “Your hair is the golden sun, your eyes are emeralds and your dress is as lovely as roses.” Holly exclaimed. “Well thank you, you look….. nice.” I said not really caring. Soon all my friends soon arrived. “Happy birthday!!” they shouted happily. “Thank you everyone,” I answered back.

“Now girls its time to do our makeovers.” I said excitedly. They all screamed of joy. We ran upstairs. I told Holly to take over while I go and talk to my mum. “Mum make sure you make us some fabulous breakfast this morning, not something rubbish.” “Got it.” mum said. Soon after we all looked beautiful with our make up on. Mum came up stairs with guess what? Eggs! “Really? Eggs!” I exclaimed furiously. “Yeah I thought you would all like some eggs.” mum said shockly.  “I hate my mum,” I shouted.