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On a cold Autumn evening, my friend Bill, asked his mum if I could go to the Enchanted Forest with them. When we got there, we walked through a room of coats, just like the one in the Narnia stories. On the other side, it was magical. There were lots  of trees sparkling with beautiful fairy lights. Smoke was everywhere, making it all seem more misty, cold and magical. The red, brown and crisp leaves had fallen on the ground, but as the leaves rustled under out feet, I noticed in the distance a magical fairy coming through the smoke.

The black figure

The black figure stood there staring at me through his long black hood. His face obscured from sight.His long grown covered his whole body. Standing still in the forest. Between two trees his figure looked like a statue standing alone. Was he there to frighten me and my friends? who were walking through the forest, on our way home from football. We screamed out loud and ran off in the other direction, to get away fast. I got home and told my mum about the figure in the forest. Mum said I have a good imagination and told me to get ready for tea.