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Angel Z

Chapter 1:

In your mind, Angels are Gods helpers. They fight with evil and they keep you safe. But I think some Angels are liars. They want their own power, they want to own heaven, earth and even hell. So let me tell you what I saw.

It was the first day of half term. I picked up the phone to call my friends, but all I heard was breathing. Deep breathing. I threw the phone on my bed and found a mini skull with a dagger through its jaw on my table. I thought it belonged to my brother so I placed it in his room. As I went back to MY room,  I saw the little object on the floor in front of me. Okay, so at this point I got really freaked out. I took the weird looking thing and threw it out the window. I composed myself and slithered into my bed, I was exhausted.

I had a nightmare. I was in a dark room with a dull tiny light. I saw my friends tied to chairs. I was in the middle of two tall tables. One had that little skull with the dagger and the other one had a bright silver key. Luckily, I woke up before I could know what happened next.