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100 words challenge

Bored, uninterested and tired as her mom rambled on about not opening the door to strangers and not leaving the house while she was at work; Danny’s eyes were suddenly drawn to a shadow in the corner of her living room.

Puzzled and intrigued, she checked it out. In the corner of the room she found a treasure map. “X marks the spot! ” she grinned.

She left the house and set off to find the hidden treasure.

Although, her mother told her not to leave the house she knew she’d get back in time… Or at least she thought.

“Dead meat” she said as she looked at her watch!

Back On Track Chapter 2: The Next Level

Finally, the day of the first match.” Yep, we’ve come a long way,” said Simon with a grin. But, now it was time to go for the win.

The referee threw the ball in the center and before we knew it the match had started. The Raging Rovers managed to get the ball first. Their leader, who is called Alfred, had the ball and swiftly ran to the goal. Luckily,our goalie was paying attention and managed to block the ball and blasted it into the crowed. Running rapidly, Alfred ran to the center and blasted it  in the goalies stomach. Alfred got sent off for that because he initially aimed for the head, but hit his stomach.

The substitute, called Jimmy, ran straight to the free kick trying to block the ball. He headered it into our goal though. Our goalie was caught off guard. 1-0 to the Raging Rovers. Again and again… 2-0.

     Half time!

By half time the Raging Rovers were winning by 5-0!!!! We knew we had to turn this around. We had a group meeting where we discussed a strategy. Once everyone was informed about the plan, they shouted GO TEAM!! We started to act as if we had never had the talk, but as soon as Jimmy got the ball we all surrounded him. Unfortunately, Jimmy never learned how to do a kick-up and eventually passed it to me. I got the ball and started to rapidly run to the goal. It was an open goal and I could shoot and score. But, my teammate was standing right next to me. I could shoot and get all of the glory or I could pass.

In the end I decided to pass. My teammate shot and scored. We knew we could win now our strategy was in play. Finally 5-5 my team and I knew we cold win the match I shot and scored. We were through to the next round.

100 word challenge week 23

Running rapidly, I was bewildered,for I’d run into the forest forgetting to retrace my steps as I got deeper and deeper into the forest. Suddenly, I came across a rotting, old couch which seemed like the only way of me surviving the night. As I walked towards the rotten sofa, I started to fell sick and before I could even touch its silky pillows, I passed out because of the smell that was like having to smell stinky cheese and onion all day.

Two months later,

As I awoke from my deep slumber, I noticed that I couldn’t even see.

100 word challenge week 24

Banging intensively, Sarah- my mother- nearly broke my wooden door down trying to wake me up for the flight to Miami. Cold, tired, zonked, as I got out of bed rapidly running to the bathroom. Despite the sub-zero rain, we still ran to the car, whichwould take us to the airport. Amazingly, we made it through the gates and on to the plane. As I rummaged my backpack for an angel cake. I noticed the problem. Then when I looked out the plane window I noticed it again for a second time. One of the planes engines had caught fire…

100 wc week 17

When the light was so bright; when the darkness has been beaten; when the you are winter breeze wraps around you, then you know it’s time for school. As mum pulled my deep Crimson blankets off me I remembered today was Friday. Finally, I got to school and strolled to assembly. My headteacher -Mr Curry- mentioned who the prefects  would be. As he announced the names I was shocked that all my friends got one. Amazed, astounded, happy, as they came back I felt amazing. Anxiously, he called the head boy and girl names and was shocked I got head boy.

My chrismas story

There was a girl called Jess who was very greedy. At christmas time all that was on her mind was presents. Jess had no friends because of how she was. She was an isolated island. Jess had to change, but she had to make the right decision. It was all up to her.

It was fourteen days till christmas and Jess was demanding presents. Every single child in the neighbourhood knew her as a selfish, horrible child. Santa had even stopped giving her presents. Jess didn’t know what the true meaning of christmas was. She was a Grinch. Eventually her parents became worried becaus she had no friends, so that meant she was lonely. Deep in Jess’s heart she would want a friend but she didn’t know how to act kind because she was too greedy.

It was now twelve days till christmas and Jess became eve more greedier.  Taking things that didn’t belong to her, demanding more presents and becoming more unkind. Jess’s behaviour peppered her mother’s heart. Saddened,disappointed,confused,her mum was because of the way she was behaving. Shouting enragely, Jess was instructing her parents to get more presents for her. Her mother’s heart shattered into tiny fragments. All the hope that Jess would change had disappeared. The flicking candle of hope and been put out. After a while her behaviour had got ot of hands, so her parents just gave up.

When you feel an angelic presence; when you feel a good spirit around you; when you see a bright light, then you know and angel is around. While jess was sleeping an beautiful,elegant angel visited her. Talking softly, the angel called Jess. She woke up from her slumber,frightened .”Do not be afraid i have been sent from God to come and give you a      message”. As the angel said this she was very nervious because of what he was going to say.”I have been sent to tell that your behaviour is not good and you need to realise the real meaning of christmas, sothe trapped souls in your house can be free and rest in peace”. Shaking uncontrollably, Jess agreed to do as he said. (But she knew in her heart that she would not change)

It was three days till christmas and Jess hadn’t changed. She still thougth christmas was all about presents . Jess’s behaviour became even more bad. She was boisterous. Jess was very truculent. Jess hadn’t changed one bit, but one thing changed her. When Jess and her mother went to do  christmas shopping She saw a spectacular model of the nativity. As she looked at baby Jesus her heart changed. I was like how chameleons change colour. Her heart was a emotionless stone, but at that moment it changed into a radient sun.

Christmas came and it was up to Jess to set the trapped souls in her house free. She decided to sit around the christmas tree and think of what the true meaningof chistms was . At that moment there was a earthquake in her house. It wasn’t a natural earthquake. It hapened because that was when the trapped souls were set free. One by one each soul came out  of wherever they were trapped and rose up into the clear  sky. Jess had finally realised what the true meaning of christmas was. She even deicded to give away all the presents she got for christmas to the poor and sick.

Later that day the angel decided to visit Jess again. It had came to tell her that santa was really pleased with what she had done, so the angel gave her the present from santa. It was a present of happiness and laughter. I would make her more happy and kind, so she would know how to act kind to others. The angel also gave her a present. It was a magical badge of bravery and kindness. She earned that because of realising the meaning of christmas and setting the trapped souls free. From that day on she has not been greedy. Not even once. Jess became more kinder and less selfish, so she got many friends. Since that day on her family had become  more and more happier. Her mother got the job of a banker and her father became a judge. Jess became the best behaved girl in the WORLD!!!!!!!!


100 wc week 16

Dave was preparing for sports day. Making sure that he could dodge all of Roger’s surprises. Dave’s mum, called Janet, knew he would  get hurt because every year. This year he knew that he was ready for any tricks.  In the morning, Dave rapidly ran downstairs and left. Before he knew it, Dave was at school, so was Roger. It was sports day everyone, went to the park. The final race was the sprinting, Roger had put slimy, slithery toy snakes, that were covered in jelly down Daves pants. Despite the fact he hated snakes he still won and beat Roger.

100 WC # Week16

Shaking nervously, Thomas walked to the podium. As he stepped up, the older boys belted out with laughter.Those boys always teased Thomas and wanted to do the same in his speech. “Thomas is a loser!!” bellowed Jamie. Thomas was ready. As he started, the older boys were dumbfounded. They never knew he could do such.  Jamie was absolutely speechless. Micheal, who was part of the group, felt like a criminal. At the end, The group of boys felt sorry for teasing Thomas. Soon after, Jamie and the boys apologized to Thomas and they never teased him again. They also learned a very important lesson.

A Christmas Story

Christmas came. It was 1970 and back then children would ask for food more than anything else. Now children ask for presents and electronics. This is a story about myself in 2178.

It was three days, before the Nativity. I was the Roman soldier,but a very anxious one. I always made mistakes but took in the feedback and made myself better. The people sung carols, for Christmas time was near. Christ himself was born. Just like Christ I was born on Christmas. Which means I only get one present from each person because my birthday presents are my Christmas presents. Anyway, after a long day of practice I finally nailed it. I was confident on my lines and knew everything was going to be all right. But it wasn’t because all my friends didn’t like me because I got the part they all wanted. But, I plowed through the pain not daring to let it go.

The night of the nativity came and everyone was there. As their intimidating eyes stared at me I started to get frightened. It was my part and I spluttered the words out, and honestly sounded like a pig. The lead part was Francis, who hogged the stage to himself, and he was terrible. He interrupted other people’s part and everyone gossiped about him after the show. His mom pretended she was somebody else’s mother and started joining in with the gossip.

After the performance, I went home as usual and was shocked to find a turkey roasting in the oven, my grandparents sitting at the table and getting a round of applause as I walked around the room with a startled look on my face. I had completely forgot that today was my birthday. Instead of getting one present I got two. What was the occasion I thought to myself. As I looked at everyone I saw a loving look in all their eyes. Because today I remembered all my lines and didn’t use the script.

Meanwhile, at Francis house he usually got five presents from each person, but today he only got one from the whole family. He had a disgusted look on his face and screamed. The family rapidly ran out of the room because in his stocking was coal. For in my stocking was a note which said:

Dear Pete,

You really have pushed yourself this year therefore each family member has been given some extra money to get you these.

Yours Truly                                                                                                 Santa Claws

100 wc week 14

It was night. My friend Charlie and I were near the abandoned boat. This was the one adventure that would surely take our career by storm. We were barred from going to the space. The planks of wood on it looked newly referbished it’s as if it was forgotten about, than abandoned. Suddenly, Charlie was swarmed by ghosts from all eras. All of them trying to smuggle his soul into the underworld. I didn’t know anything else to do, but run: run for my life; run for safety; run and leave Charlie behind. The worst thing was; I did it!