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A Christmas Story

24th December 2014

The snow is white , The tree is very bright, But my dad is outside getting frostbite. Our noses are red, and grandad has a sore head, But my mum is still slepping in bed. I’m feeling green, not when my brother is being mean, by the way his name is Dean ( the meanmachine ). Grandma is wearing illuminous yellow, Everyone is feeling mellow “But not dad.” For going outside he is a good fellow.

25th December 2014

As soon as I opened my eyes I sprung out of bed and charged into my parents room and jumped on their bed to awaken them from their slumber. “It’s Christmas !”  I yelled my parents     looked at each other and smiled. Then brought me downstairs. Thinking me and my parents were the only ones downstairs my big brother Dean had opened all his presents already.

As I stood there in amazement Dean tried making himself look innocent.  After a brife  telling off, Dean was sent to his room and finally I got to open my presents. In the end I got a skateboard, a brand new football and hundreds of video games. It was heaven.

For the rest of the day I played video games ! For dinner I had a suculent roast chicken. In five minutes the food was gone. Lastly I went to bed. I thought to myself what a day.

A Christmas Story

Christmas came. It was 1970 and back then children would ask for food more than anything else. Now children ask for presents and electronics. This is a story about myself in 2178.

It was three days, before the Nativity. I was the Roman soldier,but a very anxious one. I always made mistakes but took in the feedback and made myself better. The people sung carols, for Christmas time was near. Christ himself was born. Just like Christ I was born on Christmas. Which means I only get one present from each person because my birthday presents are my Christmas presents. Anyway, after a long day of practice I finally nailed it. I was confident on my lines and knew everything was going to be all right. But it wasn’t because all my friends didn’t like me because I got the part they all wanted. But, I plowed through the pain not daring to let it go.

The night of the nativity came and everyone was there. As their intimidating eyes stared at me I started to get frightened. It was my part and I spluttered the words out, and honestly sounded like a pig. The lead part was Francis, who hogged the stage to himself, and he was terrible. He interrupted other people’s part and everyone gossiped about him after the show. His mom pretended she was somebody else’s mother and started joining in with the gossip.

After the performance, I went home as usual and was shocked to find a turkey roasting in the oven, my grandparents sitting at the table and getting a round of applause as I walked around the room with a startled look on my face. I had completely forgot that today was my birthday. Instead of getting one present I got two. What was the occasion I thought to myself. As I looked at everyone I saw a loving look in all their eyes. Because today I remembered all my lines and didn’t use the script.

Meanwhile, at Francis house he usually got five presents from each person, but today he only got one from the whole family. He had a disgusted look on his face and screamed. The family rapidly ran out of the room because in his stocking was coal. For in my stocking was a note which said:

Dear Pete,

You really have pushed yourself this year therefore each family member has been given some extra money to get you these.

Yours Truly                                                                                                 Santa Claws

A Christmas Miracle

The streets of London were filled with people singing Christmas carols and celebrating Christmas the old, traditional way. Every single person in London was celebrating Christmas. All except one. And that was Mr.Berry. Mr. Berry wasn’t the kind of person you’ll want to meet in a dark alleyway at night. He was cruel and horrible and never celebrated anything. Also, he was very rambunctious.  He lived on his own in a eerie, old mansion. He was also a very old-fashioned man. While people where going round with there iPhone 6’s, the most technological thing he had was an old watch his grandfather had presented him when he was young. Anyway, Mr. Berry put on his coat and went outside. The world was covered with a blanket of snow. As always, he kept his head down and blended in the crowd. Finally, he reached his destination.

Opening the door, he looked back to make sure no one was following him. He found himself in an old, rusty place with rubbish lying all around. Cautiously, he opened another door leading into a ginormous room. He sat down in a wooden chair and he began to doze of. Midnight.  Mr.Berry woke up. Listening closely he heard a weird sound; it got louder and louder until a big light flashed in front of him. There stood a transparent creature floating in mid-air! “I am the ghost of Christmas,” it began, “and have watched you for a very long time. Now I will set a challenge for you and you must do it. That will teach you some respect.” And the image started to vanish.

“FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT…” Mr.Berry found himself being a pupil in school who is getting bullied and made fun of. Children were surrounding him and another mean looking kid. Without warning the kid jumped on him, but before he could  give the first blow, a teacher came rushing  over. “Flash, stop that IMMEDIATELY!” The children, including “Flash” started running in different directions. Weirdly, the teacher glared at Mr.Berry and rushed off herself.

To cut a long story short, the ghost made him go back in time and feel what is it like being treated badly, just like he treats everybody. This is how he gets treated daily: Getting into trouble even though the teacher knows it was not him who did it; Being constantly bullied; never getting chosen to do anything special. Finally, one day he had enough so he started crying. The ghost transported him to his own time and he never bullied anyone as long as he lived.

Merry Christmas 100wc

I opened the immense, stunning present that stood in front of me. This celebration is thought to be the best in the world, I was  wrong. Inside the present was a strange, compact object. Smiling artificially, I ‘thanked’ my mother as if I loved it, not. My face was now red, but I remembered the great, old  grandfather clock that can go back in time! Nervous, I stood before the clock saying the magic words ” Oh grandfather clock please, or I will have to throw peas. ” . Magically, the clock started talking, “What shall I do?”
“Take me back this morning, a deal!?” …

Opened, Celebration, Strange, Red, Nervous

It was night. Alberto was so excited for his presents to be under the tree. Then, morning arrived. He was still asleep though. When Alberto woke up; when he went downstairs; when he saw the presents, then he knew Santa had come last night. As Alberto opened the strange red box, he was nervous, because he did not know if he got the Xbox 360, with Fifa 15, and Minecraft that he had asked for. After everyone opened their presents, they had a celebration for the Newborn king, and Christmas. Then it was night again. When morning arrived, they got ready for Boxing Day. They were very excited to celebrate the New Year.

100wc week 14

When the dead corpses are scattered every where on the wet, cold battlefield; when the bullets dominate the misty air; when the collapsing walls crumble, then the war is about to end. I was nervous because I was the only surviver in my army. Suddenly, I peppered bullets in the enemies chest. Soon after, ruby red blood oozed out of his body. We had a grand celebration and my General gave me a strange box and told me to open it. As I opened the box I saw a bravery badge which I have longed for many years. I was overjoyed.


It was that time of the year again. Christmas. As I woke from my deep slumber, I immediately went to the decorated tree. I was nervous. It had red presents everywhere. I opened the first present. It looked strange, it was for a girl. But I knew I must be greatful for what I have. So I got on with it. I couldn’t wait for the next celebration next year. The next day at school, everyone, including the teachers, were talking about Christmas. After, we went to the church, I saw a light. A light that could defeat the darkness. It was …