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A Chistmas story

Liam was a young boy that lived with his mum in a little house in the middle of nowhere. On the day before Christmas eve his eyes were shining with excitement, he asked his mum: “Mum have I been a good boy this year?” “Of course you have dear. You’re a very obident, well behaved young boy.

Then Liam snatched a sheet of paper from the table and ran into his untidy, cramped room. Liam dived under the duvet of his bed and wrote:

Dear Santa,

This Christmas I would adore to receive a super bike 2000 so I can go to the village to make some freinds to play with.

Thank you for reading.

Love from Liam   Bye Santa.

That was the last thing he said as he went of to bed. But before dozing off he wondered what he could get from Santa this year. Then Liam sweetly fell asleep dreaming of an ancient man with a snow white beard, a huge sack full of presents and a sliegh that was as fast as the wind.

The next day, Liam had to wake up and help his mum do the cleaning. It felt like half an hour but the day had flew past and it was supper time already. Immediatly, Liam looked at the time: 8:30pm. He grabbed his coat and started his way to the letter box. When Liam got there, it was 9:00pm. Liam reached into his jacket pocket for Santas letter only to find nothing. Then he remembered it was at home on the counter.

Liam started to panic, thinking of what to do. But Liam heared : sliegh bells ringing; reindeers breathing heavily;a Ho Ho Ho from the big fat man.”Santa”bellowed Liam as he approached him. Santa offered Liam a lift and of course he got on Santas sliegh. During the way home, Liam told Santa what he wanted for Christmas and Santa had it for him. As quick as a flash, they were at Liam’s house and Liam wished Santa a fair well.Liam went to bed knowing what he had got for Christmas well from Santa anyway.

My chrismas story

There was a girl called Jess who was very greedy. At christmas time all that was on her mind was presents. Jess had no friends because of how she was. She was an isolated island. Jess had to change, but she had to make the right decision. It was all up to her.

It was fourteen days till christmas and Jess was demanding presents. Every single child in the neighbourhood knew her as a selfish, horrible child. Santa had even stopped giving her presents. Jess didn’t know what the true meaning of christmas was. She was a Grinch. Eventually her parents became worried becaus she had no friends, so that meant she was lonely. Deep in Jess’s heart she would want a friend but she didn’t know how to act kind because she was too greedy.

It was now twelve days till christmas and Jess became eve more greedier.  Taking things that didn’t belong to her, demanding more presents and becoming more unkind. Jess’s behaviour peppered her mother’s heart. Saddened,disappointed,confused,her mum was because of the way she was behaving. Shouting enragely, Jess was instructing her parents to get more presents for her. Her mother’s heart shattered into tiny fragments. All the hope that Jess would change had disappeared. The flicking candle of hope and been put out. After a while her behaviour had got ot of hands, so her parents just gave up.

When you feel an angelic presence; when you feel a good spirit around you; when you see a bright light, then you know and angel is around. While jess was sleeping an beautiful,elegant angel visited her. Talking softly, the angel called Jess. She woke up from her slumber,frightened .”Do not be afraid i have been sent from God to come and give you a      message”. As the angel said this she was very nervious because of what he was going to say.”I have been sent to tell that your behaviour is not good and you need to realise the real meaning of christmas, sothe trapped souls in your house can be free and rest in peace”. Shaking uncontrollably, Jess agreed to do as he said. (But she knew in her heart that she would not change)

It was three days till christmas and Jess hadn’t changed. She still thougth christmas was all about presents . Jess’s behaviour became even more bad. She was boisterous. Jess was very truculent. Jess hadn’t changed one bit, but one thing changed her. When Jess and her mother went to do  christmas shopping She saw a spectacular model of the nativity. As she looked at baby Jesus her heart changed. I was like how chameleons change colour. Her heart was a emotionless stone, but at that moment it changed into a radient sun.

Christmas came and it was up to Jess to set the trapped souls in her house free. She decided to sit around the christmas tree and think of what the true meaningof chistms was . At that moment there was a earthquake in her house. It wasn’t a natural earthquake. It hapened because that was when the trapped souls were set free. One by one each soul came out  of wherever they were trapped and rose up into the clear  sky. Jess had finally realised what the true meaning of christmas was. She even deicded to give away all the presents she got for christmas to the poor and sick.

Later that day the angel decided to visit Jess again. It had came to tell her that santa was really pleased with what she had done, so the angel gave her the present from santa. It was a present of happiness and laughter. I would make her more happy and kind, so she would know how to act kind to others. The angel also gave her a present. It was a magical badge of bravery and kindness. She earned that because of realising the meaning of christmas and setting the trapped souls free. From that day on she has not been greedy. Not even once. Jess became more kinder and less selfish, so she got many friends. Since that day on her family had become  more and more happier. Her mother got the job of a banker and her father became a judge. Jess became the best behaved girl in the WORLD!!!!!!!!


A Christmas Story

I was just only a little orphan girl.At our home we never got to celebrate,Christmas.Since I was born I had nothing in my pockets. It was tough living here with not much to do.But hey who am I to complain many children don’t have a home like me. Simon the cat was my friend. The others called him my boyfriend. Since I was so upset  I kind of felt that way. Usually Christmas carol singers will knock at the door and sing for us. But for no reason at all the care workers would slam the door and tell them to stay away. I mean how rude is that how would they feel if someone did the same to them.

As the sunset  had risen I knew that it was nearly time for bed. All the children would rush upstairs and fight over who would enter the bathroom first. I didn’t do that because I knew that it was wrong and I will just end up in trouble. So I Just sat waiting for them to finish. Finally it was night . I wanted to see the pebble corner Big Christmas Tree so badly.For the past years I had never got a gift from Santa Claus. I think that we didn’t get gifts from Santa is because we had never celebrated. It just wasn’t fair.

Every care worker said I was a good girl and they trusted me more than their friends.When they say that I smile and say it was true. Simon my pet squirrel [my talking pet boyfriend] loved to tell me stories that one day Santa will give me a present but I knew that would never happen. She also told me if you only believe the magic happens. I had repeated that phrase over again in my head and from there I had always believed.

I wanted to sneak out to go to Pebble corner and see the Big Christmas Tree. I knew many people would be there and stare at the lights and decoration. I wanted to do that also,to experience the Christmas spirit. The stars would be twinkling in the sky and they will shine so bright people would even be taking pictures. First of all I put on my clothes and packed some food and I was all ready to go. This was the time. To live the dream I had always wanted to live. I had to do it now or never. As I opened the door my body shivered with so much fear. I knew this was so wrong, but I had to it otherwise Santa Claus won’t like me but I liked him he is such a wonderful man. Everyone called me the good girl, I didn’t want that to change.The more I thought about it more guilt came to me. It was a big risk but I had to take it.

Pebble Corner wasn’t far from here it took only five minutes to get there. I closed my eyes and took a deep breathe. I couldn’t stop smiling as I didn’t think that I made it . The place I had always wanted to go. Finally as I opened my eyes I drifted to another planet. The tree was there standing tall and proud. My hands shook so fast that I had a headache, but I didn’t mind my Christmas miracle kicked through the air. My heart beamed with joy. The lights were so bright that it made me feel so blessed and special. I cried because I had never in my life had seen something incredible and wonderful in my life. I stayed there for a long time admiring everything. People started to leave,but I wanted to stay there forever. God had blessed me with something so overwhelming.I had the chance to believe and let the magic happen. As I looked in the sky I could almost see Santa with the presents . But that wasn’t all Christmas was all about. It was about the birth of our new king Jesus and sharing the amazing time with your family. That was what I wanted everyone in the house to be there with me. I knew that it would of not happened, but hey what can we do.

It was time to head back home. I had heard rustling but I pretended it was nothing. I saw someone in the distance. As turned back I found Father Christmas behind me. I reached to give him a hug and he smiled with delight. He gave me a present. I said to him that I will hide it and open it on Christmas Day. Then he told me to look in my pocket. I knew that I had nothing in my pocket since I was born but I believed and let the magic happen. I reached into my pocket and found  a crystal star. He told me that only good children get stars and from there  I knew that I was always a good boy and by the way Santa Claus liked me [yes I am so glad].

The End


Today was the day. As I sat on the rusty, old chair I couldn’t wait till the first star lit up in the clear sky. It was my favourite celebration. Out of nowhere, I had a glimpse of a light that shone in the sky. As soon as that happened I heard a knock on the door. Nervous, excited, happy, Santa entered the house and done the same things as usual: sat on the chair; asked us if we were good and then gave out the presents. As soon as I opened mine, something strange and red looked at me with a ominous smile.