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Calvin and Hobbes (PREVIEW)

When I was younger, my imagination was incredible. I didn’t have any friends – so I created one, Hobbes. I constructed entire planets for myself.     But as I grew up, I tried to leave childish things behind; my imagination had other ideas. And my daydreams, once harmless, slowly turned into a frightening reality.

It knows I’m growing up. It’s fighting back. Evolving. And I don’t think I can stop it. Things are getting worst: Hobbes is gone. He’s somewhere inside my mind. I’ve got to go after him, or my imagination will take over.

Calvin and Hobbes.


I wake up suddenly.

”Calvin, it was just a dream. Go back to bed.”

That was Hobbes: the same stuffed tiger I had since I was 5. He was my only true friend I ever had.

”Felt so real though.” I respond.

A spark flew and hit my cheek, I look at where it came from.

”The house is falling apart, Hobbs” I say in the most calmest voice.

Hobbes grabs my shoulder and squeezes it.

”Calvin, stop! Calvin! Calvin!! Calvin!”

The hole becomes bigger as I stare into it. Why is this happening?  I’m a grown adult. I should leave these fantasies. 

But it’s only began.