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A Christmas Story

Christmas came. It was 1970 and back then children would ask for food more than anything else. Now children ask for presents and electronics. This is a story about myself in 2178.

It was three days, before the Nativity. I was the Roman soldier,but a very anxious one. I always made mistakes but took in the feedback and made myself better. The people sung carols, for Christmas time was near. Christ himself was born. Just like Christ I was born on Christmas. Which means I only get one present from each person because my birthday presents are my Christmas presents. Anyway, after a long day of practice I finally nailed it. I was confident on my lines and knew everything was going to be all right. But it wasn’t because all my friends didn’t like me because I got the part they all wanted. But, I plowed through the pain not daring to let it go.

The night of the nativity came and everyone was there. As their intimidating eyes stared at me I started to get frightened. It was my part and I spluttered the words out, and honestly sounded like a pig. The lead part was Francis, who hogged the stage to himself, and he was terrible. He interrupted other people’s part and everyone gossiped about him after the show. His mom pretended she was somebody else’s mother and started joining in with the gossip.

After the performance, I went home as usual and was shocked to find a turkey roasting in the oven, my grandparents sitting at the table and getting a round of applause as I walked around the room with a startled look on my face. I had completely forgot that today was my birthday. Instead of getting one present I got two. What was the occasion I thought to myself. As I looked at everyone I saw a loving look in all their eyes. Because today I remembered all my lines and didn’t use the script.

Meanwhile, at Francis house he usually got five presents from each person, but today he only got one from the whole family. He had a disgusted look on his face and screamed. The family rapidly ran out of the room because in his stocking was coal. For in my stocking was a note which said:

Dear Pete,

You really have pushed yourself this year therefore each family member has been given some extra money to get you these.

Yours Truly                                                                                                 Santa Claws

The Birthday Surprise

Robert felt nervous. Today was his birthday and he wondered if anyone would remember that it was his special day. It was time to celebrate as he turned 13 years old, a teenager at last! He waited anxiously for the postman. Finally, at 11am, someone knocked loudly at the door. Robert opened it and found a strange-looking parcel on the doorstep. It was covered in red paper, a funny oblong shape, with a blue ribbon wrapped all around it. He could not wait to open it and pulled the paper off excitedly. Inside was a skateboard with shiny, flashing wheels. The card inside read, ”Happy Birthday son! Love mum and dad.” He could not wait to show his friends.

Hiawatha’s Birthday

Sleeping peacefully, Hiawatha was woken by his mother because it was his birthday, and he ought to celebrate. As he was just gone forty and he had prepared a canoe especially for this day, and all his people could be on it to celebrate. In the evening his mother had prepared some ‘Devil’s Seeds’ and he ate them without even thinking. However, the seeds were not powerful enough to take his soul and he was not bad enough. After, the Devil cursed him and he was now bound to evil with the most wicked bonds.

One generation ago, Hiawatha was crafting a canoe with his father. When every part of his father’s canoe was done, it was then mastered by Hiawatha. When they rode the canoe down the river, they took a wrong turning and sped down a waterfall like they were a stick. Hiawatha’s father was the only unlucky one, he was planted into a boulder. The canoe and Hiawatha survived, thankfully.

Flying forwards through three centuries back to one week before Hiawatha’s 40th birthday. He entered the forest to make a celebration canoe for his birthday, so he demanded of the Birch Tree it’s bark, the Cedar’s boughs, the Tamaracks roots, the Fir Tree’s balsam and lastly Kagh the Hedgehog’s quills. He was impolite and cruel towards them as they were forced to hand over their resources to Hiawatha. As he created the canoe, their pieces were being snapped and nailed into as they screamed in pain as from the wounds of their hearts.

At the end of the celebration Hiawatha and his friends: Pocahontas, his girlfriend and PauseUnPause his brother, had also been dosed with ‘Devil’s Seeds’ so they had set up a race in the most dangerous part of the river. Their track was too narrow because of the lack of water. Hiawatha dodged his friends as they crashed into each other and were never to be seen again.

After the two had sunk to the bottom of the river bed, Hiawatha flew over the forest because of an upwards slope due to the speed. Promptly he fell from inside his canoe. He had landed! Unluckily for him he was lay strewn across the dirt