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The Books chapter 2

After 6 months I finally had the courage to open it. Dust started to sit on it and I wiped it with a damp cloth (mostly because I am allergic to dust). I opened it on the first page and the letters were small- like in a chapter book. Maybe smaller. I felt disappointed because in a strange way I thought it was going to be in a different language. Slowly, I threw it into the corner with a thud- it was very heavy. After a while my mum screamed at me to tidy my room since it got messy again. I had half an hour. However instead of that time, it took me two hours. I wasn’t surprised when I was grounded for four days.

The next day I woke up half an hour late (probably because I stayed up late). I was also late for school. That was a problem. Even my work was horrible- messy, wrong and it didn’t make sense. I needed to restart it all. After school I got lost and was late for dinner. Once I was back in my room I couldn’t stop thinking why my luck was so bad. At that time I still didn’t think it was that book. If only I read it.

I don’t know what happened next- I must have fallen asleep. So I missed my favourite TV show. Let me make it short for you. This is the bad luck I had in the rest of the day: my phone broke, my pens ran out and I couldn’t do my homework, there was a giant rip in my school jumper (I don’t know how that happened), I nearly broke arm while falling off the stairs, the power went off even though that was also the whole street’s bad luck and the last thing that I am going to say is that my whole shelf broke and all my books fell on the floor including some more things like my cup which shattered! My whole hand was bleeding. But there were  more problems. That was the ‘best’ day ever!