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Sandwich, Grey, Miserable, Hyena, Climb

It was morning. Today was the day Adam and his group went on a camping trip. They went to a dark forest. After, they split two groups, and went to climb. When Adam, Kian, Ryan, and Lyudi went climbing they heard a scream, “OH, NO! A Hyena,” exclaimed Kian. “Look there’s Amelia,” said Lyudi. “I’ll save you” Lyudi shouted. But it was too late they were all miserable up the sTeep hill like their grey training wall. Arriving sadly, the boys got back and told everyone the news. When there’s a howl near by; when you see red eyes behind the bushes; when you see brown hair, then you know it’s a Hyena. Then they had a sandwich, and Took their mind of it.