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300 Word Challenge

There I was,focusing on my piano because I  had a piano assessment. When I play the ivory keys; when my fingers dance on the keys; when I play delicately,then I know I might get an A  in my assesment.

My parents and my sisters watched me play. As I played the music, it flowed through my ears.

A few minutes later, my dad asked me if I could teach him one of my songs that I am learning to play on my piano. There we were playing and teaching each other my dad was teaching me a little bit from what he learned from when he was young. I taught my dad a  french song and it is called Feux Dodo. I called my  mum and sisters to come watch my dad play. As he started they all started chearing for him because it was such a sweet, beautiful song. Since my mum and older sister are so emotional they started crying. “Ok dad now it is my turn because I need a A for my assesment.” I said excitedly. “Ok then I will let to carry on with it.” He answerd happily.

I was so proud with my dad playing my song so I decided to play that song for my asessment. I was also proud of myself beacuse without my dad encouraging me to teach him the song I wouldnt have the bravery I have now to perform my assessment.
I took a break from playing the piano but there was only one thing in my mind and that was practice. I wanted to practice until  I thought that I was ready enough for my assessment which I could see that I didnt look so ready to myself but everyone else thought I was a legend.

I decided that I should believe in what others say and have confident that I will do my best.