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100wc week 17

It was a dim black night. Soon the sun will rise up and wake up everyone in the morning light-sky. Despite it was raining in the night, the sun was about to rise. I woke up at 6:00 am and the light was SO bright. The next thing I know I have to go to school. As I stepped out of the house, the sun’s light was so bright like before and it always was. I liked the sun and every day I will go to school with a smile on my face because of the light. Who knows maybe tomorrow there might be no light. Who knows?

300 Word Challenge

There I was,focusing on my piano because I  had a piano assessment. When I play the ivory keys; when my fingers dance on the keys; when I play delicately,then I know I might get an A  in my assesment.

My parents and my sisters watched me play. As I played the music, it flowed through my ears.

A few minutes later, my dad asked me if I could teach him one of my songs that I am learning to play on my piano. There we were playing and teaching each other my dad was teaching me a little bit from what he learned from when he was young. I taught my dad a  french song and it is called Feux Dodo. I called my  mum and sisters to come watch my dad play. As he started they all started chearing for him because it was such a sweet, beautiful song. Since my mum and older sister are so emotional they started crying. “Ok dad now it is my turn because I need a A for my assesment.” I said excitedly. “Ok then I will let to carry on with it.” He answerd happily.

I was so proud with my dad playing my song so I decided to play that song for my asessment. I was also proud of myself beacuse without my dad encouraging me to teach him the song I wouldnt have the bravery I have now to perform my assessment.
I took a break from playing the piano but there was only one thing in my mind and that was practice. I wanted to practice until  I thought that I was ready enough for my assessment which I could see that I didnt look so ready to myself but everyone else thought I was a legend.

I decided that I should believe in what others say and have confident that I will do my best.

100wc#week 15

I woke up at 10:00, went to the living room, and I couldn’t believe my eye the living room was painted red and green. The next thing I know it is Christmas. Christmas has always ben my favourite celebration. I went to look under the  tree. There were presents. I went to wake up my sisters so we could open our presents together. We all went to the living room and under the tree. We were so nervous and we all hoped we get what we wanted. Not some strange present. We all opened our presents. We exited then we saw our Christmas presents it was exactly what we wanted.

Prompt Homework:Run! Run for your life!

It was the day. The day that the night came closer to me. I was so scared. My parents left me alone in the house while they went to a party. Hours went by.I heard the door bell ring….. who was there?I went closer.Step by step I heard the person who was outside. I checked who was outside…. no one was there.The bell rang again.I didn’t check.I got tired I turned off the TV and went up stairs to my room. As I took the first step I saw someone rush past me up stairs.I thought I was alone in the the house.But I guess that someone was with me all this time.

I got even scared-er what would happen? A shadow started coming  down stairs I got so scared. My mum came out of no where and she said to me “Run! Run for your life !”

The Lost Family

What will happen next?Hi my name is Jenny and I live with my Mum,Dad and little brother John.Since it was half term my mum decided to go camping.Firstly,I’ve always hated camping because the last time we went camping I got lost and my parents found me there days after. The second thing is that you sleep in tents and you are surrounded by plants and animals,wild ones.I guess I had to go because it was family time and I can’t miss that.

As we left the house to go camping,everyone was waiting for me because I was still doing my last packing.I wanted to make sure I didn’t forget anything.As we were about to leave I just realised that my dad wasn’t there.”Mum where is dad?”I asked. Mum replied, “He is coming with the camping van.” “Look here he comes my little brother”,John said.”Come on everyone inside and I would put bag inside”,said dad.

we set off for camping.Man it took so long that I slept the whole way through .Dad found a camping spot while my mum woke me and my brother up.”look john a mountain let’s go climb it.””you be careful and don’t forget to jump over the river.” John was so excited that he ran at the same time dragging me towards the river.”On the count of 3 we jump.1,2,3 jump.” John was so happy that he jumped into the river.He was drowning because he didn’t know how to swim.

“JOHN! Mum,Dad John!” I shouted. I had no choice but to jump in. When I did I started drowning. Was that the end of my family?

200wc week#10

My friends and I were going back from trick or treating.It was 11:30 in the night.We took the shortcut throgh the forest,but after about two minutes…we were lost. BANG! We heard a nocie we turned around and we saw a big,huge,tall shadow we all screamed. The shadow started to walk towards us. Every step we took behind was for our lives. It started to  rain  when the first drop fell the thing or person ran away. We were all soaking wet so we all ran home. From now on we Said we would never take the shortcut home in the middle of the night. A few minutes later,we were lost.I looked at the time on my phone it was 1:00 in the morning. The next thing I know the shadow was back. We stepped back each time the shadow stepped forwards. The shadow stopped walking and we sat down on a rock. We looked at the shadow and every time we looked at it,it would take a step closer. Until it finally reached us I was brave enough to go and say what is wrong? I went up to it and said what is wrong? It replied “I am so cold.” Ok I replied let’s build a fire,as it shivered they built the camp fire.