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100 word challange week 15

“Its come!” Joan announced.                                                                                     The christmas fair! Santa Claws, with his red, velvety fur coat, will be visiting Ashdon primary.  As the christmas celebration will be taking place tommorow. I, the headteacher, will be opening the doors. Soon after, I began to feel a bit nervous, after all I am only covering, for the real headteacher. The day, had come. Nervous, anxious, worried, as I approched the polished, mahogany door. A strange thing happened though, the children flooded me with presents. I was astounded by the care these loving children. Months later, the school elected me head, and forever greatful.







100 wc week 14

It was night. My friend Charlie and I were near the abandoned boat. This was the one adventure that would surely take our career by storm. We were barred from going to the space. The planks of wood on it looked newly referbished it’s as if it was forgotten about, than abandoned. Suddenly, Charlie was swarmed by ghosts from all eras. All of them trying to smuggle his soul into the underworld. I didn’t know anything else to do, but run: run for my life; run for safety; run and leave Charlie behind. The worst thing was; I did it!

100 wc week 13

It was night. The common whisper of the wind had just kicked in. Shaking uncontrollably, I whipped the door open. I was shocked to find a hedge filled with emotionless flowers, but as the leaves rustled, I just knew that in that moment everything would be okay. In my hands I held a tender soft ball of fur. As I looked into its eyes, it could see that there was nothing for it to need. I took it in as a pet, but as it grew up there was terror; terror for earth; terror for the world I lived in.

100wc week 12

He was shocked to find, a puny, undersized lion cub pouncing as if it was in a jungle gym.                                                                                        ” Ha! Why you’re not even worth the killing it wouldn’t bring me any satisfaction!” he sniggered. The honourable guard looked at the cub from the corner of his eye. He saw the saddened heart and tender love in the cub. In that moment, he acted like a sly sneaky fox as he went in to grab the poor thing. Stopping furiously, in his tracks was the Lord of Nulth. Suddenly, the cub demolished the Lord of Nulth and all his minions.

As she opened the book, the strangest thing happened.

It is told that this book has satanic powers beyond human capability. Enough power to eliminate a entire dimension, which is why it’s guarded with the grand master,from then on had never stopped. The day that the book was unleashed and revealed to the world everyone wanted it. Until, satan himself came and that dimension vanished with satan. It is said the book was a gateway to the underworld the place where no human can survive. Its toxic fumes are too much for the lungs to handle. Somehow, a great dragon, called the saviour, flaps its wings and stops it from getting to other dimensions. Meanwhile, the other dimensions are finding a way to suppress the danger of it. So they can bring the other dimension back. Unfortunately, savior is getting old and weak, but the other dimensions need more time. Luckily, a young boy still in primary school walks into the fog. Saviour tried to stop him, but he walked through him.

In the fog, the boy saw dead bodies all around him. Walking wreaklessly, the boy stumbles into satan. Satan, live and well looked at the puny little boy and tried to throw him back into the overworld. Suddenly, the boy picked up Satan and locked Kim in a cage made out of nether ores. Without notice, the boy had disappeared with the dead bodies. When he got back to the overworld, the bodies were alive, the fog was gone and the dragon had disappeared with the boy. That boy had the power of a god and so had the dragon.

Flash’s desendant

Tom was an evacuee who had very high expectations and absolutely despised eggs. He was on a train with his new parents, who were called Ben Dover and Lucy Cool; Tom had got to the house and was amazed with what he saw. His bedroom with chrome black curtains and rose red wallpaper. Tired,   exhausted, zonked, he scrambled into the quilt covers and started his deep slumber, for he had a wonderful day. Breakfast came and if he liked it would be the perfect home. So, basically it all came down to this, what they served him. On the plate was sausage, beans, bacon and,” Oh No! Really? Eggs!” shouted angrily by Tom.


Running away like a lion after its prey. “We’re sorry!” they shouted in amazement. Tom kept running not daring to look at those egg chewers behind him. After a while, he started to get slower until he was exhausted and ran out of breath. He realised that there was a train station nearby, so he got a train back to London. Hoping the war was over, he entered kings cross international. A general came up to him and gave him a sniper rifle, so now he knew that he was part of the war. This is a million times better than eating eggs he thought to himself.

Survival Camp! Day 2

Good morning said Flash, but Ray didn’t reply. on their journey to London, they had got into some trouble with a bunch of teenagers whilst sneaking past them they realised that the city they were in wasn’t London it was Birmingham. They turned around and got robbed by a teenager who took his own wallet. Running for the hills, which happens everyday, they fell into a  hole with a catiplliar.They had camped their for the night for tommorow they might lose their lives.

Survival Camp ! Day 1

There was once a boy called Flash, who thought he was invincible and overpowered, who was as weak as a bunny rabbits. The person who is walking next to him was Ray ,who was a powerful person, thought he was weak. They were in survival camp together, and now they were the only people in the wilderness. They were in a situation with a bear. An angry bear. As they ran for the hills, they started to have flashbacks of what their teacher told them. Suddenly, Flash remembered the torch he had and that if you flash it twice your safe. He did it then the bear ran away then flash and Ray set up camp.

100wc #week 11

“Remember me!”a voice screeched. Trying desperately to move, a solemn figure rained fire over the forest. There was eerie silence and no movement in the forest. A violent uscreeching noise lured all entities towards the mysterious figure. Then it came towards me with a ominous smile it looked as if I knew him. The closer I moved the more I knew him until…

I remembered the one I loved; the only one who excepted me for who I was and called me a poor, poor dragon. Who lost his way of life. The women who died a man but lived as a woman.

100wc #week 10

It was dark. Checking fastidiously, Tom was doing his homework in detention, although the teacher had shuffled out of the room hours ago. Puzzled, bewildered, confused, Tom crashed into a wall with his homework. Then he walked to bathroom and saw the teacher and it behind him. They walked towards it as it shivered,they started to back away from it. They may have evacuated the school, but they were nowhere close to defeating that monstrosity. Although Tom had outwitted the beast, because he set mines all over the school so as soon as it steps on one BOOM the schools in flames.