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Today was Friday 13th. People say that it is a crazy day for crazy people. On  Friday 13th in our family it is a mysterious day! Today Stephanie -my best friend - and I went, after school to the library. At school we have a Library, but we don’t go there for some reason.

As we made our journey home, from the library we came across an old shop down the street. It was probably 2 miles away from our house. We went inside, but nothing there was really good! Their was mostly: video games, PS3 and other boring stuff! The old man gave us a sweet for free, so we took it! Stephanie opened it………….. it wasn’t a sweet! ……………..but it said” sweet ” on the wrapper…….. This was a top secret we never to anyone in our life, what was inside!!!!!!!


Today was the saddest day I ever had. My heart was broken. You might be think what happened! Well it all started after school. My best friend Lisa always wait for me after school, but it seemed today was the day she didn’t. After school I stood out side in the freezing cold weather waiting for her. After a while I started to make my journey home.

While I was sauntering down the path, I saw my friend Lisa. I quickly ran towards her and clamoured ” Lisa wait up!” she started to walk faster and faster. I thought she was trying to avoid me, but I still carry on running. Eventually, I caught her! I found her talking to the class bully. The class bully name was ” Norbert!” Lisa and I never liked him, we usually avoid him. I was very shocked to see her talking to him!!! Anyways I said to Lisa “ Where you after school you usually wait for me! Lisa replied in a aggressive voice ” I don’t need you anymore! I got a new best friend, you can not always expect me to always wait for you after school! don’t you think it is time to move on!!!” My heart started to sink like a boat! I replied ” Well it is time to move on and your not my best friend anymore,” I quickly ran back home and started to sob.

On my way to my house I saw two little children holding hands it just reminded me when I was little, Lisa and I was playing on the slide! That’s when we came best friends! I started to get emotional! I thought to myself will we be best friends ever again!


The stone magic…….It was a hot summer day. I was at the back of my garden, when I saw a gap between the bushes. I’ve never seen it before, I was overwhelmed and curious to see what was on the other side. Daring to step through the gap, on the other side I saw a little girl sitting on the stone sofa. She seemed to look friendly, as he smiled at me. She had honey nut hair with ocean eyes. I sat next to her and she told me the chair was magic, and that we can go back in time. She asked me where I wanted to go, and I jumped with excitement and answered I want to go back to the Roman Times. That’s when our adventure started!


Despite the rain, the sun was still shinning. Today was a hot summer morning, my friends and i went down to the beach. When my friends arrived at my house, my mum was trying to be ‘cool’ but she always make a epic fail. We started to make our journey  to the beach. When we arrived there we made sands castles, we did sunbaving and had a swim in the ocean. It started to get late. There it was. My eyes opened widely the light was SO bright I never saw something so beautiful in my life! My eyes glowed brightly! We started to make our journey home. Today was a day to remember!


It was night. I was getting ready to go to bed. I looked outside my window. The sky was eerie, the sky was coal-black and the moon hid behind the clouds. Suddenly, I heard the storm clouds howling. I knew a storm was coming. Rain started to pour down from the heavens above.

I couldn’t sleep, something got to me! I kept on having nightmares. There was no cure for my phobia. I tryed everything nothing worked, it was like a scary film you watched and you can’t forget about it. I heard it again. The lightening!! BANG there it was again. I hid under my covers. The light turned off. Was any body there………….?


It was Tuesday. Another day for Mark in planet “Marz.” Scared, perturbed, terrified, in the timbre coal black dungeon! All of a sudden, inside the coal black dungeon, there was a light. He tried every thing, then finally he got out. He thought to himself  I am free at last, but that didn’t really matter, he needed to find his way home! While he was trying to find his way out, some guards stopped him! He had no mercy on them so he kicked one of them and he held his fist in the air and punched one of them right in the face! He quickly runned, before they could catch up on him! Suddenly while he was  walking in front of an army of aliens……..as he started they…….  started to worship him. Do you think he will be there new king?


When you start putting everything away; when you feel calm, free and relaxed; when you see people’s ecstatic smiles, then you know it’s going to be happy holidays. It was nearly Christmas. Today was the day we brought our Christmas tree. I opened the door and ran rapidly to the car. When we arrived there, there where so many people, one person had a red nose, I thought he was very strange. I had to be very fastidious, to make sure we got the best tree. While I was there I felt abit nervous, because I am not really good around lots of people. Every year my family does a celebration. Do you think there will be another celebration this year?

100 Wc Week#14

Two years passed. My family was gone. There I was walking down the path of misery. It seemed like my life was over, I had no more joy anymore! My friend Betty decided to take me to the sea side to cheer me up, I tried to resist, but I didn’t want to let her down.

It was 1:00pm Betty and I made our journey to the sea side. When we arrived we got our lunch, then I decided to walk on the bridge by myself to get some fresh air. There it was! The boat that ripped my family apart……..

100 WC … as it shivered, they…

There it was. The unprepossessing creature. There where so many of them. There eyes where rubies, which looked into my soul! Agitated, worried, frightened, my heart was beating like a lion. …….as it shivered, they……..temped to jump on me, but I waked them with a stick. blood was dripping from there lips! I was trapped. There was no where to run, I was like a lost sheep trying to find it’s way back home. They where ready to kill! My life was in danger! I knew I will not survive. Is this the end of me……….


There I was. sitting down in the sofa, watching TV. Today was Halloween night everybody was getting ready to trick or treat. I thought Halloween is boring. Its only for little kids. Anyways my mum and my little sister was getting ready for the Halloween party. Well I was planning to stay home and just watch telly.

Soon as my mum left with my sister, my friend called me. There was a Halloween party. All my friends where going. I couldn’t stay home on a Friday night. my friend said she will pick me up at 10:30, so I had plenty of time to change. I had nothing to worry about, for now………  It was soon 10:30 I was still looking for the right outfit to wear. You will never see me wearing a top that doesn’t match my trousers. Do you think I am very judge mental? surely not.

Finally I found an outfit, just right for Halloween. “Ding Dong” the door bell rang. My friends was hear to pick me up. I quickly ran down the stairs and opened the door. My friend said “Quickly lets go, we are already late!” I quickly got my bag and I jumped  in my friends brothers Rang Rover. When we arrived I could hear the tumultuous music, coming from their house. When we came in, there was so many people dancing and eating. I staid their for a little while, but not for
I am starting to get bord. I told you Halloween is not my thing. I got my bag and walked home. the sky was getting very unilluminated. I was so afraid. While I was walking, I thought someone was following me. Whenever I turned around nothing was there. The second time I turned around nothing was there, but when I turned back to carry on walking. Right in front of my eyes I saw a ghostly figure. Scared, Worried, Terrified, I felt whilst I was looking at the ghostly figure. My heart was beating like a raged lion trying to get out. Is this the end of me!!!!!!!!!!!