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… the Light was so bright…

The light was so bright it scared all the darkness away to into the mist of time. Then the beast emerged from the watery depths and gave a mighty roar that rattled the ground and made the earth crumble. There the Loch Ness monster of the the Loch Ness lake of Scotland froze before me. Frantically the beast locked his flaming  eyes to my helpless eyes. The teeth of the monster were razor sharp daggers the scales were like sand paper. Suddenly the beast submerged itself under water after seeing my fiend Alan with a torch.

“What happened to you, you look terrified”

My Ultimate Adventure

Every week me and Jack would go to Craven Dale Park and meet each other by an old, withered, rotting oak tree. Mysteriously, there is a door – a creaky door. Any way there is no time for intro’s. Lets get started.

“Today is going to be my ultimate adventure!”

“Come on lets go.”

At the same time they entered the door and they were gobsmacked by what they saw… When the wind howls; when the trees branches try to grab you like a witches green bony fingers;  when there is a full moon, then you know something is going to happen. Dun Dun Dun !!!

week 23 100wc

In the middle of the street there is a sofa which has: knife marks have been run down it ; springs are popping through ; insects crawling in and out of the sofa and a tiny mouse twitching its whiskers, standing there without a worry in the world. There is a very old boring story but to cut a long story short this is not a regular sofa it is a cursed sofa and was told who ever sat on it they would turn to stone. Suddenly, there was an old poor man that was panting and had a sit down and sadly turned to stone.


It was late. Very late. I was strolling home when the toughest challenge I had to face stood before me. Crowland Road. Bravely stepping inside the road of the dark. Suddenly, there was a flash of light – a lampost – that started to flicker. Then I heared a merciless scream, I began to run. Running frantically, I heard footsteps getting louder. All of a sudden someone grabbed me on the shoulder. I turned around and I was shocked at what I saw. Billy.

“Are you ok Ryan?”

I was tromatised and nodded my head slowly. From there on Billy brought me home. Safely.

A story about me

As they started they tried to wedge my arm out of the cupholder in the car. My arm had been in there for 5 hours until I couldn’t feel my arm with no blood in it. It turned pale, ivory white like the fresh fallen snow in the winter weeks. I started to hyperventilate and worry, would they be able to get my arm out. Rapidly the firemen tried to release my arm as fast as they could. Then all of a sudden the electric saw stopped. My arm was released. Staring at my arm in awe my mum and spectators cheered.

Christmas celebration

Waking up on Christmas is great, because then you no longer have to wait, to open your presents. This is what this story is about.

As I opened my crimson red and sunset yellow present from under the glissening christmas tree my crazy parents were filming me opening my presents. When I finished opening my gifts my mum cried “let the celebration commence.” Suddenly I heard a strange noise from the cupboard and then my dad pulled out a brown box. I was nervous. As I opened the brown box a smile formed on my face. I was the owner of a puppy.

100wc week12#

He was shocked at what he saw. The bag was empty. There must of been an invisible animal in there he thought. Nolth was confused. Suddenly, there was a evil cackle. As the laugh echoed Nolth and the guards of steal looked around to see where the cackle was coming from. All the candles magically went out and the smoke gathered together and formed a human shape. “Shape Shifter!” Roared Nolth “Get him!” Every single guard charged towards the shape shifter. Running frantically, Nolth summond an army of the undead. Next the shifter turned into a dragon. What will happen next?

100WC week#11

It was the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. There are still two minutes left of complete silence and the last post is nearly finished. All of a sudden a poppy had fallen. Then another fell, then they all fell. Next I heared an evil cackle. From each poppy a ghost had emerged to live once more. The weapons they died with risen to be handled by ghosts. Bang!!! The ghosts began shooting people to the end of their lives. Inches behind me people were dropping like flies. Scared, worried, terrified I thought to myself will I escape alive?

The Beast

It was so quiet, too quiet. Why are the streets so silent? I thought. Suddenly a firework exploded. As the firework lit up the sky I saw a suspicious man wearing a long black jacket. I peeped down the alleyway that he walked down, I couldn’t believe what I saw. The man was talking to a monster!!! There were more people around now. As it shivered, they began hitting the beast. “HEY” I shouted. They ran away. I tip toed to the monster and looked at it’s face. It was covered in blood. Suddenly it began to snarl at me. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!