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A Wet Journey

Carefully, the young man climbed onto the big white horse and it took off as fast as lighting. The horse galloped through the green country side until it came to a deep river and stopped suddenly. ”Giddy up!” the man said. The horse attempted to jump across the river bank. Unfortunately, it got stuck in the marshy swamp and the man fell off into the cold water. The horse quickly ran into the fields, leaving the man behind. Shaken, the man swam to safety and sat down to dry  off. He reached inside his jacket and pulled out a tin box with his pipe inside. He thought that he would have a smoke and wait patiently for the horse to come back to him.

The Stone Sofa

We were walking through the grounds of the old country manor. It was autumn and the orange leaves rustled beneath our feet. Deep in the undergrowth, we stumbled across an unusual monument, a stone sofa! We wondered how this came to be here, surrounded by trees and fallen leaves and who built it many years ago. It must have been someone who liked cats as there was a stone cat sleeping peacefully on the sofa. Now, this grand monument is uncared for, weathered by the elements, the grey stones cracked and fading. Even the dogs left mess beside it! Maybe one day it will be brought back to it’s former glory.

A late night drink

Luke woke up and he looked out of his window. It was the middle of the night and he wanted to have a drink. He was so thirsty. He reached up and turned on the light. The light was so bright like sun. Slowly he creeped down the stairs trying to be quie like a mouse. Suddenly the alarm went off he jumped and screamed. His parents came down as fast as they could. Furious and angry they. Told him of and said ” get back to bed right now!” Despite he got in trouble and woke everyone up it was still worth the drink.


The Flying Dutchman

The young children and their parents were all enjoying the circus. The clowns wore silly masks and costumes and sprayed water into the laughing crowd. It was almost time for the act that they had all been waiting for, The Flying Dutchman or the ‘greatest trapeze artist in Europe,’ as he was also known. Suddenly, the audience went silent. They could see his outline high up on the wire ropes as he started they all gasped at his daring acrobats. He swung across the bars above their heads with no safety net below. He was truly a daring stuntman who thrilled the crowd with his daredevil act.

The Birthday Surprise

Robert felt nervous. Today was his birthday and he wondered if anyone would remember that it was his special day. It was time to celebrate as he turned 13 years old, a teenager at last! He waited anxiously for the postman. Finally, at 11am, someone knocked loudly at the door. Robert opened it and found a strange-looking parcel on the doorstep. It was covered in red paper, a funny oblong shape, with a blue ribbon wrapped all around it. He could not wait to open it and pulled the paper off excitedly. Inside was a skateboard with shiny, flashing wheels. The card inside read, ”Happy Birthday son! Love mum and dad.” He could not wait to show his friends.

The Shipwreck

John and his friend Ben were walking down by the sea when they saw a crowd of people gathering around something lodged in the rocky sands. They eagerly pushed through the crowd to see what the attraction was. To their surprise, it was an old rusty shipwreck. They heard someone say that it was  hundreds of years old and one of the ships from the Spanish Armada, wrecked on the west coast of Ireland. They wondered about the history of this once wonderful ship that must have been through many adventures in the dark blue seas. Now it was just an eerie shipwreck with all the people who had sailed in it, banished forever.


On a cold Autumn evening, my friend Bill, asked his mum if I could go to the Enchanted Forest with them. When we got there, we walked through a room of coats, just like the one in the Narnia stories. On the other side, it was magical. There were lots  of trees sparkling with beautiful fairy lights. Smoke was everywhere, making it all seem more misty, cold and magical. The red, brown and crisp leaves had fallen on the ground, but as the leaves rustled under out feet, I noticed in the distance a magical fairy coming through the smoke.

The Lord of Nulth

….a colourful and bright phoenix which rose out of the dull grey sack. It had beautiful red and yellow feathers and eyes as bright as sapphires. The phoenix spread its wings and all the guards and Lord of Nulth stepped back, dropped to the floor and covered their eyes for protection from the bright light. The phoenix rose up into the sky, lighting it up as bright as a flame. The darkness of Nulth was gone forever.  Imagination and  colour were restored to the world thanks to this magnificent bird. Lord of Nulth and his robotic guards disappeared into the flames of cosmic dust.

A story about a poppy

It was a lovely sunny day  my friends and I were playing in the park . My friend John found a red flower he had no idea what it was. He called us over to have a look it was a poppy. I told him they grew in world war 1. “Now I remember” he said. I told him In two day It would be 100 years since world war 1. Really he said I never knew that.  ” wow I can’t wait for it to be Friday  it will be great.  We all went to Luke’s house.  Luke said his mums dad was in world war 1 ” wow” we all said.

The Poor Cat

Jane and her friends saw the dying cat laying on the road. As it shivered, they picked it up and put it on the pavement. Everyone gathered around. ” Poor thing,” someone said. The driver got out of his car to see what he had hit. ” Does anyone know who owns this cat?” he said. The people who gathered around looked blankly at one another. He told them that he loved cats and had two of his own. ”I will take it to the animal centre, just up the road. They will know how to take care of this poor cat.”