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As he started they

It was the day.  The day that Alexis ran in the race.  Brightly, Alexis got out from his bed, and got his running tracksuit on.  Alexis went outside to practice running.  Running swiftly, Alexis was so fast that he knew he was going to win already.  His parents saw him, and said, "we are proud that you are doing this," his parents were called, Christian, and Elizabeth.  Right after Alexis' training, he and his parents left.  Once they got there, he was pleased that he joined.  The runners said to him, "are you a mamma's-boy."  "no one calls me a mamma's-boy," angrily said Alexis.  Then when they least expected, Alexis tied their laces so they would fall over.  When he was shaking about;  when he's in position;  when the gun goes, then its time for the race. As the gun exploded the race began.                                                                                                                    As he started they fell over, and swiftly Alexis ran to the end, and won the race.


It was the eleventh day on November, I went into school and in the morning we did maths. Then it had appeared to be break time. After break time we all stood in our lines and remembered the great soldiers who were killed, and then miss said a speech called at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day on the eleventh month ww1 ended. Then we went up stairs again and did some literacy work on WW1. Then, it had been lunch I went to see my buddy Olaf and he was siting down on the bench. Then, when I went to him I asked him if he wanted to play, but he said no, so I asked if he wanted to talk, but again said no. I wondered why I then asked him if he would call me when he wants to, and then he told the truth, one of his friends was in the war, and died, and Olaf thought about him.

Opened, Celebration, Strange, Red, Nervous

It was night. Alberto was so excited for his presents to be under the tree. Then, morning arrived. He was still asleep though. When Alberto woke up; when he went downstairs; when he saw the presents, then he knew Santa had come last night. As Alberto opened the strange red box, he was nervous, because he did not know if he got the Xbox 360, with Fifa 15, and Minecraft that he had asked for. After everyone opened their presents, they had a celebration for the Newborn king, and Christmas. Then it was night again. When morning arrived, they got ready for Boxing Day. They were very excited to celebrate the New Year.

Boat on the rocks

Today was the day, that Jake’s dad came home.  Jake and his mum were on the pier waiting for his dad’s boat. All of a sudden they saw his boat. It was coming right towards them. But then CRASH! A boat crashed into it, and it went on the rocks, before it could reach the pier. They went on his ship, and saw him lying there with blood. Then the other boat started shooting,  and Jake dived and saved him, and his mum, and his dad’s body for the funeral. Then, Jake went, and tied the people to a long pole, and called the police. Right after all that drama, Jake, his friends, and family went to his dads funeral. It was just an unlucky day for Jake, and his family.

The night zoo keeper

As the lord of Nulth opened the bag a human jumped out and punched the lord in the face. After the lord of Nulth told his robotic guards to get the human. Running swiftly, the human was running his fastest from lord of Nulth’s spiders, bunnies, and many more. Then the human was cornered by the animals and the lord of Nulth.

“Let my animals free,”  said the human.                                                                                                        “The night zoo keeper, how nice to see you,” said the lord of Nulth, “Kill him!”
Leaping anxiously,the night zoo keeper was scared he was going to leap into one of the creatures mouths and get poisoned, and die. Then, he was falling into one of there mouths, until someone called the morning zoo keeper dived to save him. But then a spider bit him and he died. But then the night zoo keeper went to avenge him, but with a good try. At the end it was the lord of Nulth with his next predators the royal family. But he will then leave the world in peace, and let them have love. He will have his own zoo then somewhere. But I do not know where.

Prompt:You hear a noise somewhere.


It was a dark night and I heard a crash outside. I was all alone, because my parents were out for dinner. After, I composed myself, I was shaking my hand reaching for the door handle. Then, I tugged the door open and I saw an Alien coming out of a UFO. The Alien said “ET phone home.” Right after, I took a picture and because of the flash he fell over.

Eventually, I saw the sun rising. Then, ET helped me with my shopping. Also, he thought I needed a girlfriend, “Yeh, like I need one.” ET is kinda strange because when he meets someone, they scream because they’re scared then he does the same.Then, that night ET fixed his UFO and before he left we played Halo 4 on my Xbox 360. That was when I cried because he was like a friend.