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Pipe Swam green carefully horse

It was Sunday. Lorenzo woke from his dream and got dressed then got out of his dark, gloomy cave he got on his horse- called Rossi- and riden off. He was about to go in a big swam, that was green, had pipes it tripped over Rossi. Carefully, he was checking if any more was in his way. Sprinting swiftly, Rossi ran home to the cave for Lorenzo’s and his dinner and bed time. As Rossi got back he tripped over a pipe and fell into quicksand… Suddenly a person saved them, “Batman,” Lorenzo cried. “No, your dad,” Lorenzo’s dad-Mario- said as he joyfully went to his house for dinner.

Christmas Compertition

This story will be a scary story for the people in the story.

One day, all the teachers went to have lunch at Costa coffee. Then when they got back to the school, there was snow blocking the way, so the children had to be all by them self.The children was having a party in the ICT sweet, until. BANG! BANG! “What was that,” asked a child, Oscar, and he looked out side, “Oh my, its a army of snow-men.”                                                                      ” Okay I think we better run know,” said Stacy. So, all the children ran upstairs from the indisruptable snow-men killing machine. Oscar had to throw snowballs to get through, so he did in the end, and got a shovel, and moved the snow. Then the teachers said, “Thanks,” and went inside to have a snowball fight the snow-men army, and everyone joined in, and in the end St Paul’s RC primary school won the battle against the snow-men army.


The sofa in the forest

It was morning, and time for a relaxing day for slender, When he got downstairs… the sofa was gone. When Slender’s angry; when you steal his sofa; when you don’t show yourself, then you should feel sorry. Slender went out looking for the person, but all he saw was his sofa like, the sofa in the forest. He let the person off, and brought his sofa home to relax on. Slender was relaxed: no-one annoying him; no-one stealing anything; not killing anyone. But, because he was killing no-one, but, he was unhappy, killing is his life. But the next day he got his hands on the person and killed him.

But as the leaves rustled

It was five O’clock and Alice, also Niaomi had an argument. Alice said to her that there was foxes who comes behind the bush to get ketchup. So Naomi told her to get the ketchup. After Alice gave the ketchup she went upstairs to get her fox suit. Then she crept behind and then was barking at Niaomi.  Alice then ran upstairs and went down normally and Niaomi broke up with her because she knew it was Alice. That night Niaomi was by herself in her flat with her beans on toast.

Right after the beans on toast Naomi saw a pink little box and it was a friendship bracelet. As her finger touched it she flash backed to the time she caught Alice being the fox, but instead when Alice and her went out again a real fox went out, but as the leaves rustled there was more foxes. When, went to save them; when they shocked hands; when her doorbell rang, then Naomi knew she should answer the door. It was Alice and they shook hand and hugged, also appoligised to each other. They had their friendship bracelet. It was like they had the same flashback but the other way round.

…The light was SO bright…

It was night. James lived in a house next to a forest. Then one night he went. Despite the spookiness, he carried on in the dark forest. James was scared, but continued on in the windy, dark forest still. Although trees was in his way he still saw a house, it was his house. He tried to get home, but before he reached it he got banged on his own head, by a robot, when he just looked, then fell asleep. Once Jame woke he saw the sun, the light, OH, the light was SO bright, it was like a desert. When James arrived home his parents were pleased to see him, because they didn’t see him in bed last night.

The adventures of Albus Severus Potter.

Chapter 1

Albus Severus Potter is sitting on the chair and is waiting to be picked from the sorting hat, and is saying under his voice, ” Gryffindor, Gryffindor,” ” Gryffindor hey well then it should be Gryffindor.” ” Yes” said Albus. Then they all went up to their common rooms. What a good start. When your going Hogwarts; when your sitting down; when you have a sorting hat on, then you know your going to live in Howarts-a horrifying place- to live in.

“No one move, I thought I heard a scream” said professor Magonnagul. “OH NO! Bianca,” said Albus and John. She might get killed, and what will Hermianie think.

Sandwich, Grey, Miserable, Hyena, Climb

It was morning. Today was the day Adam and his group went on a camping trip. They went to a dark forest. After, they split two groups, and went to climb. When Adam, Kian, Ryan, and Lyudi went climbing they heard a scream, “OH, NO! A Hyena,” exclaimed Kian. “Look there’s Amelia,” said Lyudi. “I’ll save you” Lyudi shouted. But it was too late they were all miserable up the sTeep hill like their grey training wall. Arriving sadly, the boys got back and told everyone the news. When there’s a howl near by; when you see red eyes behind the bushes; when you see brown hair, then you know it’s a Hyena. Then they had a sandwich, and Took their mind of it.

The street at night

It was night. The street was pitch black, and the lights weren’t working. After, Oliver was on the road about to go inside then coming from no where a fox jumped, and scared the life out of the sad, poor Oliver, and it bit his leg. Crying furiously, Oliver’s family was crying. His children: Laura, James, and Harry, also his wife- Mary- it was so sad. Oliver said, “Harry play the race for me tomorrow!” “Yes dad,” answered Harry. “Love you man,” they said sorrowful. Then morning arrived. Lets get ready for the race. I can just do running round the garden until its time.