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My chrismas story

There was a girl called Jess who was very greedy. At christmas time all that was on her mind was presents. Jess had no friends because of how she was. She was an isolated island. Jess had to change, but she had to make the right decision. It was all up to her.

It was fourteen days till christmas and Jess was demanding presents. Every single child in the neighbourhood knew her as a selfish, horrible child. Santa had even stopped giving her presents. Jess didn’t know what the true meaning of christmas was. She was a Grinch. Eventually her parents became worried becaus she had no friends, so that meant she was lonely. Deep in Jess’s heart she would want a friend but she didn’t know how to act kind because she was too greedy.

It was now twelve days till christmas and Jess became eve more greedier.  Taking things that didn’t belong to her, demanding more presents and becoming more unkind. Jess’s behaviour peppered her mother’s heart. Saddened,disappointed,confused,her mum was because of the way she was behaving. Shouting enragely, Jess was instructing her parents to get more presents for her. Her mother’s heart shattered into tiny fragments. All the hope that Jess would change had disappeared. The flicking candle of hope and been put out. After a while her behaviour had got ot of hands, so her parents just gave up.

When you feel an angelic presence; when you feel a good spirit around you; when you see a bright light, then you know and angel is around. While jess was sleeping an beautiful,elegant angel visited her. Talking softly, the angel called Jess. She woke up from her slumber,frightened .”Do not be afraid i have been sent from God to come and give you a      message”. As the angel said this she was very nervious because of what he was going to say.”I have been sent to tell that your behaviour is not good and you need to realise the real meaning of christmas, sothe trapped souls in your house can be free and rest in peace”. Shaking uncontrollably, Jess agreed to do as he said. (But she knew in her heart that she would not change)

It was three days till christmas and Jess hadn’t changed. She still thougth christmas was all about presents . Jess’s behaviour became even more bad. She was boisterous. Jess was very truculent. Jess hadn’t changed one bit, but one thing changed her. When Jess and her mother went to do  christmas shopping She saw a spectacular model of the nativity. As she looked at baby Jesus her heart changed. I was like how chameleons change colour. Her heart was a emotionless stone, but at that moment it changed into a radient sun.

Christmas came and it was up to Jess to set the trapped souls in her house free. She decided to sit around the christmas tree and think of what the true meaningof chistms was . At that moment there was a earthquake in her house. It wasn’t a natural earthquake. It hapened because that was when the trapped souls were set free. One by one each soul came out  of wherever they were trapped and rose up into the clear  sky. Jess had finally realised what the true meaning of christmas was. She even deicded to give away all the presents she got for christmas to the poor and sick.

Later that day the angel decided to visit Jess again. It had came to tell her that santa was really pleased with what she had done, so the angel gave her the present from santa. It was a present of happiness and laughter. I would make her more happy and kind, so she would know how to act kind to others. The angel also gave her a present. It was a magical badge of bravery and kindness. She earned that because of realising the meaning of christmas and setting the trapped souls free. From that day on she has not been greedy. Not even once. Jess became more kinder and less selfish, so she got many friends. Since that day on her family had become  more and more happier. Her mother got the job of a banker and her father became a judge. Jess became the best behaved girl in the WORLD!!!!!!!!


week14# 100wc

There it was. It had been sleeping on rocks for many years. Forgotten. An old  broken, rusty boat. My husband ,who wanted to be a sailor, sadly died in the boat when he was going to sea. I stood in front of it staring blankly remembering all the good times i had with John. When suddenly a soul came out the boat. It looked like a terrifying  pirate. Without saying anything he grabbed me and took me to a dungeon. All that went through my  mind was what would he  do to me? What would he  do to me?

week13 100 wc

prompt:  But as the leaves rustled

As i walked throught the pitch black, frightening forest i could hear the wind whispering to me saying get out this forest while you can. The towering trees were swaying their demonic hands trying to take the life out of me.  Hungry wolves were licking their lips because they knew that lunch headed their way. There were rumors about the forest that there was a terrifying creature  in it , but i saw nothing.  Minutes later i was very deep into the forest, but as the leaves rustled i turned around to find a giant CRAKEN!!!!

100WC #10

prompt:  …..as it shivered,they……

When we all got there in one peice i only saw polar bears, penguins, seals , sea birds and killer whales.I thought that there was no Yetis and no snowmonsters, but i was all wrong. Another family was there aswell. they were called the Ross family. Frightened, scared,worried, i was because i ws thinking about what the trip had in store for us.

It was night. The moon was up. It was silent. Too silent. My dad made a tent for all of us to sleep in. I was curled  up in my sleeping bag listening out for noises.  After a while there was noises . The invisible wind howled louldly.The noisy penguins quaked continuesly. The last noise i heard that night was the swishing sound of the sea crashing into rocks. These same sounds continued each night for the week. until i heard  howling wind, quacking penguins, swishing sea and a enormous ROAR!!!!!

That roar woke up my whole family and made us all scared . It also woke up the ross family. I could not see what it was but the only thing i could see was the monster  shivering. The ross family were terrified. As it shivered , they screamed, packed their bags and left the antartica. After a while the frighting monster came to our tent and grabbed me . It was a huge monster and it was scary. I was then taken to a dark and scary cave. The frighting monster left me there all alone, just me. The only questions that went through my head was. What will happen?   What would it do to me? Will i die? Would i see my family again? I was heartbroken and terrified.

Prompt: Remember

I thank all those people who sacrificed  their life’s for us at war. Many young people went to war thinking that they would come home before Christmas, but the fighting never stopped.  Some people who died in World War One  were somebody’s father , son, uncle, brother or friend. Some of the soldiers thought war was going to be fun, but it was not. Over 37 million innocent people lost their lives at war. All those people who have died have shown  bravery by going to war to fight for their country. We will remember all those people who lost their lives at war.  

100wc #week 8

It was night. The moon was up. My family and i went camping for a weekend. I placed my hands on the zip of the tent and opened it . I crept out  not wanting to make a sound and i decided to  make  a campfire all alone . I was about to make some roasted beef when i felt a tap on my shoulders. The thing tapped me twice. Shaking uncontrollably, i turned and saw a weird looking statue. Terrified, scared, frightened, i was when i saw that  statue. After a while it grabbed me.   what will it do to me?

The shark attack

There were three boys called Humphrey, Jake and Austin. They had a dream to go to a hut near the ocean.They wanted to stay there for a weekend but it did not turn out the way they wanted. This is what had happened.

The three boys Humphrey , Jake and Austin wanted to gp on a vacation to a hut for the weekend. They had been planning it for the last month. Even the teachers knew they were going ,so no one was going to stop them . They were determined to go and exited.

Their parents were not very keen on letting them go because they thought it was too dangerous. All of their parents baned them from going and they all got punished for thinking of that idea. Angered, annoyed ,maddened the three boys were beause of what their parents had said , so they came up with an idea.

The boys decided that they  were going to meet at the train station in the middle of the night. So they had to sneak out their house at night then make their way to the hut  . They accually did it! They didn’t care if their parents were worried all that was on their mind was the hut.

When they  got there , they unpacked and went to look around the island. After a while the three boys decided to fool about andact like they were drowning.  Then they swam  right in the middle of the ocean “PINCH” something bit Humphrey , it was a SHARK!!!!

They were so scared that their hearts skipped a beat.They were wrapped in a blanket of fear .They knew that whatever they did in  the next minute would require a desicion of life and death. Frightened ,scared ,terrified the boys were when they saw the shark.

An old man saw what was happening and decided to call The Shark Rescue company. They came in a blink of an eye.  They were not  confused on what to do to save the boys they were trained  to save people  from sharks . It took them an hour to save them , but  unfortunately the shark ate Huphrey . Only Jake and Austin survived . Austin and Jake were mournful their good friend had died , only if they had listened to their parents.

Austin and jake decided to leave the hut since they knew how dangerous it in was.  When they got home they were scared about what their parents would say , afer all they did run away. As soon as they entered their houses straight away they  told their mum what had happened and how sorry they were. Their mother’s forgave them and told them not to do that ever again.

Austin and Jake larned that they should listen to their mum because everytime they say something they are always right . Jake and Austin also learnt that parent do not try to make you feel angry or sad . They do that to protect you because they care about you.


Prompt: “really Eggs!”

It was morning . The rooster was waking us up with his alarm call for morning. Today was the day. That we were going to get new chicks in eggs. I was really excited because I was going to be able to watch baby chicks grow into chickens. In the previous years i had dropped a baby chick and it died, so mum said that i could only watch them growing not hold them. Recently a chicken called delight gave birth to ten little chicks,  so i knew i would be able to look after the new chicks, but my mum would not give me a chance. Oh i can’t wait for them to come!

The cute new chicks came at three in the afternoon. My mother warned me not to touch it and if i did i would not be allowed to  watch it grow.  I would  also be banned from the chicken hut. I agreed with her and ran off. I could not imagine being banned from the chicken hut because i was so excited to touch the chicken’s or watch them grow. I felt like i was going to disobey my mother and i did!

It was night. The moon was up. I decided to go to the chicken hut and steal the box of eggs for the night and bring them back in the morning. Shaking uncontrollably, i placed my hand on the knob of the hut. In a blink of an eye i whipped the door open. There it was. The chicken box. I grabbed it and made a dash for it. When i got into my room i decided to have a quick lie down before i checked out the chicks, but when my head hit the pillow i was out like a light.

The following morning I found eggs all over by bed. I tried to move them but they were stuck to my bed cover. The only thing i could do was to tell my mother. When i told her she replied “really eggs!” Then she explained to me that she put the eggs there because she knew that i was going to disobey her. My mother had put them there to teach me a lesson, so then next time i would not do that. I got caught and I was banned from the chicken hut until the chicken’s were all grown up, but i deserve it because i decided to disobey my mother.


Baptism in sikism

Their baptism is called Amrit Sanchar . The Amrit Sanchar is the given name in the sikh tradition to the baptism ceremony. Also known as the initiation. Sikhs do not have their baptisim the same as christians do. The important person in christian’s baptism is god, but in the sikh baptism the important people are the beloved five. The sikh baptism started when the Guru was not present the masands or the local sangat leaders officiated. The Guru would guide the sikhs about the sikh teaching and instruct them to adopt them as a way of life. “Who is prepared to die for God?” asked Guru Gobind Singh. One man stepped forward and he was taken to a tent. After some time Guru Gobind Singh came out of the tent with blood dripping from his sword.  He asked the same question again. After the next four people were in the tent, he reappeared with the five, who were now all dressed like him. These five men were  known as the beloved five. Them five are very important in the Amrit Sanchar.Christian’s baptism started when John the baptist decided to baptise people in the River Jordan

Christian’s prepare for the baptism by dressing up in white gown to repesent being clothed in God’s love. Also christian’s have their baptism by going to a priest and being anointed with  all the baptism  symbols. Then we are clensed from our original sin by the holy water being poured on our foreheads. Sikhs do it differently.

The ingredients and the aids to the preparation of the  Holy Nectar are symbolic of a few things that are held in the highest regards by the khasla. In this religion it is believed that it should not be taken into the  mind that Amrit Sanchar  is the end purpose. It is the start of one’s journey into  the right path to live a pure and good life. Five handfuls of Amrit are given for drinking, five handfuls are sprinkled over the hair and another five are sprinkled into the eyes. That is the baptism of the sikhs called Amrit  Sanchar.


I will never forget that day when I got lost in that terrifying forest.It all started when my mother was warning me about a dangerous forest and that I shouldn’t go in there. Apparently many people have gone in there,but they never came out alive. I agreed with my mum and promised her that I would never go in there (but everyone knows I don’t keep my promises)

The following day my mother went to the market to buy food,so that was my chance to leave the farm and go to the forest. It was a long walk,but eventually I got there. I sobbed loudly because I was missing my mother,but I really wanted to do this. While I was walking I met a lovely woodcutter. He warned me to return to where I came from because if I carried on walking deeper and deeper I may not come out alive,but I was too stubborn. I just ignored him and carried on my journey.

In a blink of an eye it was night time. It was windy and spooky. I was surrounded in darkness. No one was with me (except God). I was wrapped in a blanket of fear, I dared not to look back . The moon was looking at me sternly telling me “you made a massive mistake coming here”. Tree branches shaped as hands wanted to take out the life in me. Hungry wolves were licking their lips knowing dinner had come their way. Leaves made a crushing sound as I walked on them. I regretted ever disobeying my mother. I really wanted her, but how was I going to get out the forest? I bellowed for help, but no one heard me.

After a few hours a family of four were driving through the woods. I caught their attention. They had asked me if I was ok. I said “yes” sarcastically. They were about to leave me and I knew being sarcastic was not going to solve anything, so I asked them where they were going. They were going to their house. Luckily, I was able to live in their house for one day. So I popped into their car and they drove me to their house.

The next morning I thanked the family for letting me stay in their lovely home. As quick as a lion I sprinted out of the house and all the way home. I was lucky that it was sunny so I knew my way home. When I returned home my mother was sitting in her chair looking at me sternly, fuming  with anger.

From that day on I learned to always listen to my mother when she would tell me something , or something similar to this situation could happen again.