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It was the day. My class and I were going to Pendarren for a week – to do activities. As we started the long journey, half of us were falling asleep. We weren’t even out of London yet. After a very long time, we finally arrived and settled inn to the Pendarren house. While we unpacked, we heard noise coming from the boys room. Dawid had disappeared. In the morning, I saw Bianca  outside and it seemed that she knew where she was going. As I followed her, I came across a cave, so I entered. I saw a light, the light was so bright. It was a dead end.

100WC #Week17

It was dark. Frightened, scared, worried, Ella ran rapidly through the eerie woods. On her way, she spotted a decrepit looking hut. Thinking thoroughly, she thought about going inside. Despite the fact that it looked like a haunted house, she still went in. Inside was pitch black. Just then a light turned on, the light was SO bright, like millions of stars dazzling in the night sky. Standing there, was a man. Scared, worried, frightened, Ella madly took deep breaths,  Shivering anxiously, Ella moved towards the door. But the man followed. He shook her shoulders. His eyes were ready to kill.


It was the week before the night. The night that was going to be remembered for years. Many people begged for an invitation, but begging would just make getting invited worse. As Ella, who is my best friend and the birthday girl, chose me to be her best girl, it was my responsibility to make sure that the people she didn’t want to be invited didn’t get an invitation. It was finally the day of the party. There was a chocolate fountain, balloons and pictures of her everywhere. As she went out, a car came out of nowhere. It was certainly an unforgettable night.


I’ve been waiting for this moment for years, well only a year, it’s going to be my birthday. Tomorrow when I wake up, I’m going to have a bunch of presents on the table waiting for me to open them you’ll just wait and see. “It’s time , it’s my birthday!” I exclaimed, waking the whole house from their luxury sleep. As I entered the living room, I saw a strange red box sitting on the table. I was nervous as I opened the box, but I tried keeping all hopes up that I got something special. Suddenly, my dad came in and began the celebration  of my birth.


It was years since I last saw it. Lying there without help, made me think what went wrong that day of the shipwreck. I forgot everything after it happened, I lost everyone. My mind just refreshes whenever I see that ship, I remember all my friends, all my companions. It kills me whenever I think of them, it kills me whenever I remember them. They were all I had after I got separated from my family. Although they were my friends, they were like my family. I remember them everyday and I will remember them for the rest of my life.

100WC#Week 13

It was night. I was having a sleep over at my friends house, but it felt unusual and uncomfortable. When no one is talking; when we just sit there like a piece of paper; when someone tries to make conversation but it doesn’t work, then you know the rest of the sleep over isn’t going to go well at all. As morning approached us, we woke up from our `luxurious` sleep, which was actually the worst sleep I’ve had in years. We all looked out of the window, but as the leaves rustled a cute adorable pug came out of the bushes. “Happy birthday Betty!”


He was shocked to find that all of the animals have escaped from the night zoo. Of the blink of an eye, the lord of the Nulth started seeing trees and all kind of nature around him. The rivers were flowing like waterfalls. His face was a flaming chilli when he saw that his evil minions (the spiders) turned into tiny fluffy balls of fur. Lord of the Nulth was not best pleased, so he gave up on everything he ever wished for. After a long time, he was ready to take revenge for what they done. As he took revenge, everything was back to normal.


It was Saturday , my parents and I were getting ready to go swimming . My mum Rosa , who  had  recently broken her leg , couldn’t come with us . Luckily , she stayed with my cat , Fluffy . When we arrived at the swimming pool , I dived inn straight away . As time went by , it got dark so we went home . Suddenly , we saw a green monster attacking my mum . It lifted her up and spined her around , like a roller coaster . With all my strength , I tried pushing him away but no one seamed to be helping me . Eventually I defeated it and saved my mum’s life .


War had come. I recieved a letter, informing me that I have to fight for my country. I was petrified, I wasn’t one of those boys that were pleased on doing the job. I knew it was a life and death situation, but I had to do it. It was time. I tried to fit some pride in my heart, but the more I tried, the more I lost confidence. As guns fired and bombs exploded in the air, all I saw was dead bodies lying around the battle feild. Before we knew it, the guns fell silent after four years of war. We will remember them.


It was night , Sandra was having a sleep over with her friends , as it was her sixteenth birthday the next day . It was morning , everyone was excited for the party , which was taking place in a reserved building , of a life time . It was time . Sandra and her friends arrived at the building . As they entered the room , Sandra saw all her other friends and family . As time went by , the party finished , but she had just enough time to open her last present   . As it shivered , they crowded over the little baby pug . Suddenly , beside the dog was a lamberguini .